Outfit Post: 7/9/12 and EBEW: Color Blocking

Top: Goodwill (Old Navy) — Skirt: Goodwill (George) — Sandals: Target — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Earrings: The Wood Merchant — Bangles: Thrifted

Oh, EBEW, how long have I waited for thee since I didn’t participate in last month’s challenge! I admit that I was initially at a bit of a loss re: color blocking, since there seem to be several definitions floating around; some people say you just need a couple of bright solids next to each other, others say that there have to be at least two complementary colors, with maybe a third thrown in there for good measure.

I decided to go with the latter definition for maximum punch, and settled on this yellow-and-orchid combination, with a bright, beautiful blue-green necklace to act as my spice weasel.

Also, coincidentally, I learned that said bright, beautiful blue-green necklace has a tendency to leave bright, beautiful blue-green dye splotches on my skin. Wacky, but ultimately unalarming.

Some simple wooden jewelry helped complete the look without too many other colors entering the mix, and lo, it was good.

Although, I will admit, I couldn’t help but add the new multicolored (dare I say color-blocked? o ho ho ho) pair of earrings that I bought while visiting Mom. We’d taken a morning trip to La Conner to window shop and walk the derg, and when we went into the terribly expensive woodworking store near the end, I clapped eyes on their new selection of earrings and couldn’t leave until I’d gotten myself a reasonably-priced pair.

(The camera was rude and didn’t focus right on them, though, so I’ll just have to wear them every day this week until I get a better picture, and then still wear them forever, on into the sunset. Yeah, I like ’em.)

And then, finished at last, I did a wee leap for joy because I’d figured this sucker out! Your move, EBEW.

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

**P.S. Flat Tire is home safe and sound, and only somewhat worse for wear. I won’t post the picture directly on here in case some people don’t want a stitch-ridden, half-shaved cat coming up on their RSS feed, but you can see the po’ baby here if you’re curious. She has to wear the cone for ten days and needs painkillers twice a day for a while, which, as Mike has commented, leave her “trippin’ balls.” She wanted pets this morning, though, so things are looking up!

Also, the vet’s office offered to let us keep the amputated femur after they dissected the stump, but I demurred.  I’d probably just lose it, and then where would we be?


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/9/12 and EBEW: Color Blocking

    • Mia says:

      I don’t know if most vet offices do offer leftover parts in the case of amputations like this, but if I had the time and I had less junk in my house–honestly–I would have taken them up on it! It just seems like if I accept my cat’s disembodied femur I should be able to do something nice with it, like put it in a shadow box or something.

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