Loads of Links: 7/11/12

Your space-cat commander greets you! She is well pleased, for she has been taking space-cat commander painkillers.

Hey, guys! Life’s been a little wacky lately so we’ll keep things short and sweet with a few links I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. (Be forewarned, some of these are NSFW and involve nudity and/or swearing.)

+ You may remember that Tia and I enjoy a variety of webcomics, and I’ve added a couple more to my reading list lately: You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack, a mostly literary- and historically-themed comic (thanks, Leah!); and Bouletcorp, the English-translated comics of Boulet, a French cartoonist who comics about his life, his thoughts, and other weird stuff, and who sometimes draws awesome pictures of Nanny Ogg.

+ I’ve been listening to my favorite science-fiction short-story podcast, Escape Pod, while doing data entry at work, and yesterday I heard a silly, nonsensical, absurdist story that was read very well and which I enjoyed quite a bit: Food For Thought.

+ Vizzzibility is an excellent tumblr devoted to the concept of, well, visibility!

+ You’ve probably seen this because it’s been everywhere, but still, I must link: NeverSeconds is the blog of a nine-year-old Scottish schoolgirl who decided to start documenting the daily lunches provided by her school to judge them based on health, quantity, and tastiness.

+ Ryan North–creator of Dinosaur Comics and other goofy stuff–created a tumblr called B to the F, where he does a page-by-page close reading of the awkwardly-written, absolutely terrible novelization of Back to the Future, which was written before the movie was even finalized. It’s hilariously awful. Hilari-ful, if you will.

+ A new blog, A Fashionable Condition, explores the intersection of fashion and disability for two friends.

What links have y’all been liking lately? Any non-tumblr suggestions to balance me out? (For someone who doesn’t use tumblr, I sure do follow a lot of tumblr-based blogs!)


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