Outfit Post: 7/10/12

Ever since I made that one trip to the thrift store and the package arrived from my mom, I’ve been wearing a lot of shorts. As someone who loves skirts, but hates the need to wear things under them while biking, it’s just easier to wear shorts. Especially this pair, because they are just so comfy, with so much pocket space.

The good thing is, I still have nice shirts to pair said shorts with, and look a little bit more like I’m trying. It’s hard to try in the summer, but I’m still working at it y’all! This shirt is always going to be one of my favorites I think: it’s so light and airy, even with my backpack on while biking to work, my back was relatively dry once I took said backpack off.

One of my Chicago ladies hates shorts with a passion, though recently, that passion has been slowly fading. I think she’s down to not being interested in seeing men in shorts, and tolerating ladies in shorts, but still not owning any herself. It seems pretty arbitrary to me, but to each their own.

Do you guys dig on shorts? We all know Mia does and rocks them at work, but can you get away with shorts at your place of employment?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/10/12

  1. Mia says:

    As you’ve said, my enjoyment of shorts is known far and wide, but since I was a teenager, there’s one thing I haven’t been able to get back into: jorts. Maybe it’s because they’re more restricting than other shorts? Or tend to be cut shorter? I like shorts but have a hard time with short-shorts (although I got a cute ikat pair that are shorter than any other shorts I own, and I’m hopefully going to wear them this weekend), and denim shorts tend to be The Shortest. I’ve thought about making myself a pair of cutoffs, but then again, the need hasn’t really arisen, so maybe I’ll just be content to remain jortless.

    (P.S. I like that top too–the colors are, as always, wonderful, and it delights me that you paired it with your DIY rainbow shoes. Hee!)

    • I actually now have two pairs of denim shorts, one being the pair mom made and the other being knee length and stretch denim, so less shorty mc shorterson. I just don’t get the point of short shorts, since they dn’t protect my thighs. May as well just wear a skirt then, by my count.

  2. D says:

    I like shorts, but I have a hard time finding shorts that I like that also fit me. My job also doesn’t allow them AT ALL, so I only own like, 3 pairs (if I don’t include shorts that I use to work out. Those totally don’t count). Your colorful shirt is awesome!

  3. Flutter Sleeves!!! I am one of those short haters (on myself). I just haven’t ever really found a pair that fit me well that weren’t actual pajama shorts – see my small waist and big hips – but I love the way that you and Mia look in them. Also, if I’m going to take the time to shave my legs, I’m going to wear something super pretty, like a skirt or dress. As for other people, if their shorts aren’t too tight, I couldn’t care less they’re wearing. (I feel embarrassed for people in too tight clothing.)

  4. I was a shorts hater for years– I blame self-body-loathing, working with horses (mandatory long pants!), the conviction that they were for Casual and Frumpy Americans Only, and supreme laziness about leg-shaving. But style blogs and moving to the Land of Too Hot to Give a Crap have reformed me: I bought FOUR PAIRS of shorts this summer. Who am I?!

    The ‘whether to wear shorts or something under a skirt/dress’ condundrum is eternal, man. I’m also suffering from a fascination with sheer blouses: the idea that one needs another layer beneath a breezy summery top is just too cruel for me.

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