Outfit Post: 7/12/12

Dress: Gift — Button-front: Gift (Lucky) — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Necklace: Thrifted — Bracelet: Hand-me-down — Earrings: The Wood Merchant in La Conner, WA

First off, can I just say I’m glad that Tia’s okay? Well, of course I can, I could call you all a bunch of space aliens if I wanted. (You know who you are.) But anyway: I’m glad that Tia’s okay, and I’m super grateful that nobody was hurt in the accident. I once rear-ended someone in college and cried for hours afterwards even though everybody was okay and it could have been a lot worse. Accidents can happen, even when you think you’re being a safe driver! All I’m saying is: please, nobody subscribe to the Jordan Baker school of driving logic.

Or biking logic, for that matter. Now that the weather’s warm, on my morning rides to work there are a lot of other cyclists out and about, so bike laws and etiquette are more important than when I’m just on the road by my little old self. By and large the other folks seem to be middle-aged white men in fancy cycling gear, out for a morning workout before they go to work. There is, however, one young woman who takes nearly the same route to the university that I do at about the same times; the main difference between us is that while I’m puffing along on my old 21-speed mountain bike with my skirt hiked up around my legs and my bike shorts visible for all the world to see, she glides along with no apparent effort, serene and smooth, looking for all the world like the perfect vision of a fashionable young hipster chick on her cherry-red vintage fixie.

But, y’know, hey! Good for her! I’m not gonna hate on some other woman for looking better on a bike than I do, especially when, for me, my bike is just a convenient way to get to and from my job without using my car–which, incidentally, has been dead all week because Mike forgot to plug the solar charger in while I was on vacation, the rat bastid. But necessity is the mother of etc. and I’ve gotten lots of bike-riding in this week, so hurrah!

I guess I shouldn’t say that my bike is just a convenient way to get around–I do like riding it when I don’t have to hurry, because cruising around the quiet neighborhoods by my house is pretty sweet. I get The Anxieties thinking about Tia’s bike commute, though, because if there’s one thing I hate (besides hot dogs) it’s trying to bike on busy, heavily-trafficked streets where motorists aren’t terribly conscious of how to drive safely or courteously around cyclists. (Or are just plain juiceboxes, like Tia’s other story reminds us. Which, fuuuuuuuuuuuck those guys.) The only stressful parts of my daily ride are the first and last portions, which involve busy roads; other than that, it’s almost all peaceful residential areas that don’t present a great challenge.

One of these days I’ll get myself a cherry-red fixie, though. This I vow.

(Ha, finally got to show these earrings off properly! Toldja I would.)

Oh yeah, and since I completely dropped the ball the other day when I said I’d do it, here’s a picture of my parents’ other dog, Mr. Roscoe Stubbs, also known as Roscoe, Stubbins, and Rodzilla. He’s charming in his own way, although not nearly the babe magnet that Toby is, but I swear–I could NOT take a picture of him without him showing me his junk. He lets it all hang out, does that one.

Now that you’ve got dog junk on the brain, happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/12/12

  1. That necklace reminds me so strongly of Viking drinking horns! Surely it’s not just me? Maybe it’s obviously meant to reference Viking drinking horns and I’m just thick? A mystery.

    It is refreshing to see someone ride a non-swank, non-vintage bike. Seriously, stylish corners of the internet, I see you side-eyein’ me for riding my sister’s hand-me-down Walmart contraption.

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