Outfit Post: 7/12/12

This was supposed to be a post about how sometimes I cheat my shoes for outfit pictures. These are cute shoes, but not terribly comfortable, but they worked with the outfit so I wanted to showcase them. Except my day was absolutely absurd.

On my bike to work, two men in a car catcalled me, and when I ended up behind them at a red light, adjusted their rear view mirror to try to look up my skirt. I felt so shocked and violated that I had no idea what to do. I went to work and raged and managed to set up the experiment for tomorrow, but spent most of the day in a haze of fury.

Weirdly, that fury was tempered by my labmate asking me to validate that these were the check-off(chekov) sheets I was looking for. Apparently, puns diffuse all of my anger forever. But my bizarro day was not over, no.

Braden and I had some errands to do, so we were driving to Costco to pick things up for this weekend’s dance bash and someone rear ended another car into the front of my car. Everyone is fine; there were no injuries. I didn’t get ticketed, and I’ve got insurance, so everything will be fine. And the thing is, after that accident, the relief has completely took the rest of my day away. There’s nothing like a near miss to put life into perspective.

I imagine you probably don’t mind me cheating on which shoes I show today(and if you do, I couldn’t care less if I tried right now) but do you strive for veracity in your blogging? Or do you primp your outfits to their best for photos? I’m not sure it matters in the scheme of things for me at this moment, but it’s certainly easier to talk about!


11 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/12/12

  1. Ha! I have a pair of shoes that I *only* wear for blogging purposes, because they look great but kill my feet. No shame, lady! Hope your week improves!

  2. Mia says:

    Good god, y’all. I’m glad you’re okay, eff those car dudes, and lulz at Chekov sheets. I have a pair of mules (I think that’s what they’re called?) that I totally wanted to wear yesterday because they’re cute, but they’re also plasticky and a pain to walk in…so cute or not, if I only throw them on for pictures and then spend the rest of the day barefoot, they gotta go back to Goodwill. I ain’t got time (or space) for that shit.

  3. Ooooh what a doozy of a day!! I’m so glad to hear y’all are okay. And UGH about those fucking asshole dudes. I’ve had those feelings of rage/violation before after getting groped on MUNI and feeling frozen and unable to react at the moment, and there’s nothing fucking worse. People like that disgust me.

    Meanwhile you look incredibly adorable in this getup 🙂

  4. Oh man, what a mess of a day! Seething in fury at those dudes is exactly how I would respond, alas.

    I totally get you about ouchy shoes and veracity. Guess that’s the thing: are the outfits more important than the final photos? I can put together lots of pretty combinations, and I’m pretty excited about that, but will I actually wear them? Good question! I think this line of thought will result in me donating a couple shoes and weird-fitting blouses.

  5. I’ve had assholes yell at me from cars too, and the only thing that makes me feel better is imagining that they yell from cars because they’re afraid I would totally kick their asses. Which I would. Totally. Those assholes stayed in their car for the same reasons, because they knew you are completely and amazingly kick-ass awesome.

    Also, that skirt! I love it.

  6. Glad you and Braden were ok and the insurance will cover the car repairs. Horrible start to your evening 😦
    That skirt is really cute. Is that another one your Mom made?

  7. Becky says:

    damn Miss Amy you know my work, I did think it was a little longer when I made it, hmm Shrinkage or poor measuring skills on my part either way I love a nice plaid skirt! So happy you guys are fine! Men are pervs ( allright not all of them)and like yelling and honking and catcalls are what women look for when seeking potential men to date what do they think? that we are flattered by the attention? Treat me with respect and you’ll earn mine, other than that . Keep your comments and lurid looks to yourself! Ever wonder if they think if that was their daughter would they hoot and holler like that or allow others to do that ! Cause Damn it thats my daughter and I don’t appreciate it! Love you babe!

  8. Elly says:

    I know it’s hard to do when on a bike/angry but the best advice I’ve had for dealing with angry people in cars (in the UK they seem to mostly be angry with cyclists rather than trying to ogle) is to get your phone out and very obviously take a photo of them and their number (licence) plate. They get scared that you’ll then use it as evidence and tend to back off. The other thing that I’ve done is snarl “really?” at them and that embarrassed them. Again, that’s UK, don’t know how your Chicagoans would react!

  9. Glad to hear you’re okay! I second the license plate thing. I’ve never done it but have heard it really works.

    And also, I like this outfit a lot. Don’t worry about the shoes– I commute standing almost 45 minutes each way (on a bus and a train) and hardly ever wear my “real shoes” when doing that.

  10. Becky Shelley says:

    I totally missed the matching pin on your shirt!?! how observant am I?? well done outfit totally coordinated so Proud!

  11. rubybastille says:

    Heh…Chekov sheets.

    I totally cheat on my blog photos. I make sure I have fresh lipstick on, I set up lighting, and I review every pic before taking the next one to see how my pose looks. But I don’t do outfit photos very often, and I’m guessing if I did them more frequently, I wouldn’t care as much about getting them ~*perfect*~.

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