Outfit Post: 7/15/12

Tank top: Thrifted — Camisole: Old Navy — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Sandals: Target — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Bracelet: World Market

Hmm, did I wear short-shorts on Sunday? Did I, in fact, wear them to the farmer’s market and the grocery store?

No, no, definitely not. This outfit post is a figment of your imagination! WooooOOOooooooOOOOoo! (Imagine me making spooky hand gestures here, because apparently I think that ghosts are also hypnotists?)

Okay, the correct answer is “yes.” I bought these shorts on Mike’s and my Grand Shopping Adventure in San Francisco, and I think they’re the shortest shorts I’ve worn on bare legs since I was prepubescent. And honestly? I thought I would feel at least sort of self-conscious about it, but these suckers are so comfy that I wasn’t even bovvered! I was waaaaay more focused on getting a good deal on nectarines than on whether other people cared about my stretch marks.

(By the way, we now have nectarines for days. Like, I’m pretty sure that the $5 bag we bought from a particularly bossy young woman–she handed us each a piece of nectarine to taste with the command, “You try! Now!”–actually contained infinite nectarines that stretch back into time so that We Have Never Not Had Nectarines In Our House. They are delicious, though.)

And no, they’re not the shortest shorts that ever shorted, but it’s not a contest! (Well, not for me, anyway.) It’s enough for me to be able to wear shortish shorts out and about and to also be able to give zero fucks about it. Summer may have forced my hand somewhat, but I’m more than willing to take the credit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rub some infinite nectarines all over my face. SUMMER.


8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/15/12

  1. Infinite nectarines? I’d like to fill up a bathtub with them and sort of squish around for a while, simultaneously eating and bathing in nectarines. And then I guess I’d have to take a real bath, in water, but that’s alright too.

  2. Rebekah Jaunty says:

    That’s the spirit! After many years of leg-loathing, I thrifted a pair of 99 cent shortish shorts for my trip to Germany. I’m still self-conscious in them, but I’m forcing myself to get used to my body. Keep it up, lady. That’s a great outfit, and you look great in it.

  3. rubybastille says:

    I still hate shorts. I hate shaving, and I think my knees look funny, and my legs are so white they’re visible from satellites, so I hate shorts. I wore them in Hawaii only as swimsuit bottoms, and the rest of the time I was in longer shorts (bermudas?) or dresses.

    Infinite summer fruit is the best, unless there’s too much of it and it starts going bad (I’m lookin’ at you, raspberries).

  4. k___ says:

    Wow, my legs are very similar to yours, and this post is just… so inspiring! You look fantastic. Maybe I need to revisit my fear & loathing of short shorts.

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