Outfit Post: 7/16/12

Top: The Brown Elephant — Capris: Ross — Flats: American Rag Compagnie — Camisole: Ragstock — Bracelet and necklace: Gifts

Wanna know why I’m smiling in that picture up top? Well really, I was smiling because I figured I should smile in at least one picture since I was busy looking distant and wistful in all the rest. But never mind all that. We’re going to pretend I’m smiling because something good happened recently!

What good thing, you ask? Well, I’ll have you know that a local, very very awesome no-kill shelter was going to have to shut down due to lack of funds if they weren’t able to raise $25,000 over the weekend; they run entirely on donations, of course, and due to our city being hit particularly hard by the economic collapse, the shelter (and doubtless many other local nonprofits) has been struggling to keep things going. If they were shut down, that would mean finding a new shelter for the 300+ animals at the facility, which would in turn probably mean that a good portion of them would end up being put down.

Well, I sent them some money, more money than I’ve ever donated to any one place before (it was the kitten picture in the news article–oh god, the kittens), and then went away for the weekend and got wrapped up in family stuff and forgot about it. But I remembered yesterday, and did a search. Turns out that between mail donations and an impromptu fundraiser concert that was held on Saturday, by Monday they had received $50,000, twice what they needed to stay open!

So, y’know, that makes me all smiley and teary simultaneously. As someone who works in fundraising, it’s easy to get a little blase about all the money coming in and out and the reasons people decide to give to one place or another. But really, behind each donation (even the small ones) is someone who wants to help, even if they don’t have very much to give, and sometimes [sappy, overly-sentimental and cliche-ridden nonsense redacted].

Well, that, and people really like kittens. “Get these kittens some money, STAT!”

(P.S. Get your pets spayed and/or neutered, folks–seriously.)


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/16/12

  1. Yes! Good on you for helping save kitties! It’s so encouraging to hear that a community can actually ACCOMPLISH something positive. 😀

    That owl is incredibly A. A. Milne, yo. In the best way.

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