Taking Care

Hi guys! I’ve been off the blog for a bit because of a confluence of events, including the car accident(see above for damage, yikes), my home wifi going out, and a frightening amount of foot/calf pain. I actually want to talk about the last of those three excuses for absence because it was terrifying to me, but lead me to doing something I should’ve done a while ago.

For the last month or so, when I’ve woken up, I’ve had mild foot pain. Over the last week, as Braden and I prepped like crazy for Dance for Science and worked our butts off to have the choreography ready, that pain lasted longer and longer. Last night, it was so intense that a 15 minute walk had me whimpering. (It’s since been determined that I chose the wrong, wrong, wrong shoes to wear while my feet were sore, since I woke up today and had the same previous lower level pain.)

As a dancer, I felt a strong fear that I was going to have to take a week or two…or four…or six off of dancing. So I did something I’ve never done, and sprung for a massage. One of my friends is a masseuse, but since I was recently paid for being Braden’s data manager for a wedding, I insisted on actually paying her what she was worth, because not only is she worth $60, my comfort is also worth $60.

I’m post massage now, and my head is a bit wibbly, but my calves and feet currently feel so much better. I was given guidance for what to do to help them stay that way, part of which is scheduling another appointment. I have always had a hard time spending money on myself(exempting dumb things like headbands) because, well, shouldn’t that money be put to something more worthy?

Giant fluffy headbands are in fact pretty high on my list of impulse buys as Mia will tell you.

In this case, no. What exactly could be more important than my health? Or, let’s be honest, the thing that made me act – my ability to dance. The terror that I felt about even losing a week or two of dancing put into perspective that a little money to help my body is not a waste or misuse of that money.

I want to suggest that you don’t wait until you’re in an unbearable amount of pain before seeing a massage specialist, or taking a mental health day or whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself. I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did, but now that I’ve started taking care, I’m going to make sure I keep doing so.


9 thoughts on “Taking Care

  1. I recently started going to the osteopath, and it’s amazing. I’d been putting it off because it really is pretty expensive – but c’mon. I couldn’t turn my head all the way to the right. Turning your head has got to be worth $80, right? Right. it is.

  2. Becky says:

    But I really like your fluffy headband,… but as Loreal always says “your worth it” of course they don’t mean getting massages but its true as women we undervalue ourselves, its worse when you have kids, because we will go without so they can have. The hardest thing to remember sometimes is that for you to be a better you, you have to take care of yourself so you can be better for your loved ones. A painfree person is much happier person to be around. SO Take care of you! you are the only you and we want you happy and healthy for a long time!Hugs!

  3. I’m glad you saw someone! Getting it straight re: when to go to, and pay for, health services sounds like moving towards a more mature understanding of self-worth and priorities.

    Also, as someone who makes an hourly wage with a specialized-but-totally-different-from-masseuse-ing skill, I think it’s so cool that you insisted on paying your friend. Let’s all understand the value of our labor, hooray!

  4. I had pretty intense pain for a long time, and Motrin was my best friend. Ed kept trying to convince me to get a massage, but I refused. In a quirky turn of events, I found myself seeing a therapist, who “prescribed” a massage. I searched for a place that took insurance (because this was a ‘prescription’ not a ‘fun thing’), and have been going to this chiropractor/massage therapy place for over two years.

    Even after I changed jobs (and therefore insurance), I still kept going, because I had seen a pain-free existence, and I wasn’t about to go back! My original pain is gone, and my life is better because of it.

    Yay, Tia! I’m glad that you figured out that you ARE worth it, and that ‘dealing with pain’ is almost never the best idea. *hugs!*

    • Massage is freaking unbelievable, right? I definitely had a few “so this is what real people feel like” moments, and the idea of having an entire body that feels magically pain-free sounds quite fabulous.

      ❤ Would that massage be considered a health right. We would all be a little happier.

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