Outfit Post: 7/24/12

Top: Gift — Skirt: Goodwill (Target) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: The Brown Elephant — Belt: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift from Katie!

I wanted to like this outfit, guys, I really did. And it’s…okay. It looks pretty nice, I like the bracelet against the neutral rest of the outfit. The fit, however, was all wrong.

See, I was bound and determined to belt this skirt, but belting things down near my hips instead of up at my natural waist means I’m tugging and tucking and twisting and adjusting all frickin’ day, and even during this very short after-work photoshoot I had to keep screwing with the belt because the skirt would not sit evenly underneath it. Too much bother for my comfort standards!

I do really like this bracelet, though; I don’t wear it as often as I would like because even a small dash of rainbow to an outfit can be kind of a lot of look. Any suggestions, y’all? Or should I just wear it with my rainbow necklace, rainbow scarf, and rainbow belt, all at once?

Aw man, though, you guys. I have been wicked tired lately, mostly due to my own poor time management skills. What’s that, TV? You want me to watch another episode of Project Runway Season 9 instead of making sandwiches and going to bed early? Well, okay…

(Not gonna lie, I know the show is a total circus at this point, but I still eat it up. Especially season 9, because Joshua is such an Alpha Gay and he makes for such good TV.

Mike inevitably drifts over from his desk and watches with me. I’m pretty sure he has a crush on Tim Gunn, but who doesn’t?)


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/24/12

  1. Kate says:

    I like this outfit, but I totally hear you on the comfort level. It doesn’t matter if it looks good, if it feels funny. But this does look very nice. And I lurve that rainbow bracelet! I think you should wear it with everything.

    Oooh, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on Season 9 when you’re done watching. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t, but pretty please consider sharing your thoughts when the time comes! And Josh is entertaining, for sure…

  2. Rainbow bracelet with everything! It would even match as long as one of those colors is elsewhere in the outfit, right? But then, who cares about matching when you have RAINBOWS? No one sensible, that is who.

    I am slightly bitter at Project Runway not being on Netflix. I want to watch a show about sewing while I sew, dang it!

  3. One of my roommates in college has a killer Tim Gunn impression. I begged her to go as him for Halloween one year, but she went as Edna Mode and Nemo, and I can’t find fault with those choices at all. I like this outfit! Maybe you could pull in the waist a little?

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