Outfit Post: 8/30/12 and Punjammies Review

Top: Goodwill (Old Navy) — Pants: Punjammies — Sandals: Target — Bangle and Necklace: Thrifted

So, after all of my whining and complaining this week, I ended up taking yesterday off from work to try and get some extra sleep so I could stop feeling so dang tired all the time. It remains to be seen as to whether that helped any, but a side effect of my sick day was that I decided to wear my new pajama pants out in public.

See, I ordered these babies from Punjammies after hearing about them–and after checking out the cause and deciding that it seemed legit–with the idea that I could wear them out in public if I was feeling brave. Failing that, I could just use them as regular ol’ (pretty) pajama pants. So while I was puttering around the house yesterday, getting ready to run some errands, I decided to give them a go.

I won’t lie; they are pretty unstructured, and definitely read as pajama pants to the American eye due to the looseness and the length (slightly too short to be baggy and cool, slightly too long to be trendily cropped). I probably couldn’t get away with wearing them to work anytime soon.

But they’re still lovely and comfy, and I’m way into the print, and even if many Americans don’t like to wear flowy, unstructured pants in public, that doesn’t mean I can’t. They still look nicer than a pair of janky old sweatpants for running out to the grocery store or the car wash.

(Yeah, did I mention I took my car to the wash for the first time since…I’ve owned it, I think? Usually I let the rain take care of things, but it’s been a long, dry summer and things were getting pretty hideous. What I really need to do is look up an environmentally-friendly wash formula so I can do it at home, though.)

Anyway, all I’m saying is, they’re great. I’m gonna wear them to the farmer’s market if I want and haters gonna hate. (Said haters will probably not actually materialize, as they will be too busy trying to get a good deal on summer squash. Everybody wins!)

Outfit Post: 8/29/12

Polo: Old Navy — Skirt: Gift — Shoes: American Rag Compagnie — Suspenders: Thrifted — Necklace and earrings: Hand-me-downs — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Nothin’ like suspendies (and a brar) to keep things cheerful, right?

I know I’m not always the most chic or fashion-forward at times, but I’ll be darned if I don’t try to have fun with my clothes.

Bright colors and sometimes-silly accessories put a smile on my face, especially when I’m starting to fall into a dressing-myself-slump. (When will summer end? When will sweaters be a possibility again? When will I stop complaining? We may never know.)

Also putting a smile on my face: cuddling a certain kitty, who is being extremely adorable today. Maybe she’s trying to make up in advance for planned misdeeds?

She’s got a pretty long rap sheet as it is: stolen earrings, bitten ankles, scarfed broccoli. She’s a bad seed, all right, but somebody’s gotta love her.

Outfit Post: 8/28/12

Dress: Gift — Blazer: Thrifted — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Necklace: NoMoreRack — Bracelet: Target — Earrings: Claire’s

I must be really antsy for a vacation right about now, because I keep texting Tia with ideas about what to do when Mike and I come to visit in November.

A sample: 1) go to Wow Bao for pork buns, 2) watch every single Homestar Runner video for old time’s sake, and 3) get our craft on with some shoe- or scarf-decorating. Naturally, I’m terribly restless because we won’t get to do any of those things for three months, but at least I’m planning, dammit!

Until then, I’ll just have to try and be patient. And at least Tia is coming back to California later this month for a conference, so I’ll get to see her for the blink of an eye before she’s gone again.

I can’t really complain about vacation, though, because we get next Monday off for Labor Day and I’m taking that Friday off too, for my all-important birthday–so, y’know, a three-day workweek is nothing to sneeze at.

Until then, there will be much sighing, fidgeting, crossing and uncrossing of legs, and plenty of bathroom breaks, because I am nothing if not a spoiled child. Anybody want to go to the breakroom with me for another cup of tea?

Outfit Post: 8/27/12

Top, skirt, belt, shoes: Thrifted — Pendant: Grouse and Badger — Bracelet: Found — Earrings: Vendor on campus

Oh man, y’all. Today is a Crabby Mia Day.

A combination of sleep problems and some frustrating dead ends at work mean that I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything; I just want to sit in the corner and grump like a toddler.

Excellent behavior for someone who’s turning 24 in ten days, right? Yes, indeed.

I’m doing my best to let the crabbiness wash off my back, but it’s slow going. Maybe some music will help?

Yes, I’m thinking that the Current Big Internet Thing is perfectly designed to take my mind off my grumpitudes:

Heyyyyy, sexy lady!

Loads of Links: 8/27/12

via Snack Love (drool)

Study finds fat acceptance blogs can improve health outcomes. A quote from the article: “We saw there was a lot of opinion about the movement but very few people had actually studied it.” Surprise! People have opinions about fatness that are not rooted in fact; film at 11:00.

A personal essay on the outsourcing of garment production. The end of the article links to a list of made-in-the-US companies, but it’s important to note that this list may not be accurate, according to one commenter:

one of the apparel companies on that list that supposedly manufactures in the US paid the small designer label I work for to produce them 1000 pieces in China and slap on a Made in USA label

So there’s that.

Erika Moen on male privilege re: public interaction. Killing it, as usual. (Original [awesome] comic that started the debate by Melanie Gillman.)

+ Let’s Discuss the Merits of Anthropologie (The Clothing Store, Not the Discipline). Valuable points made about catalog lifestyles.

+ In case you haven’t somehow seen it, Kate Beaton’s straw feminists.

+ To promote her upcoming book, Relish, Lucy Knisley created Snack Love, where she does lovely illustrations of delicious-looking food. Is it lunchtime yet/is it time for Relish to come out yet? I look forward to accidentally smearing cookie butter all over the pages of my copy.

+ It’s been a while since I’ve participated in cosplay culture, but this collection of genderswap/alternative costumes from Comic Con makes me smile.

+ On that note, Cosplaying While Black also makes me smile.

+ “Don’t look past my disabled body–love it.”

+ I can’t remember if I’ve linked this here before, but Is This Feminist? makes me laugh for days.

+ Zoe Saldana, you speak the truth:

Outfit Post: 8/21/12

Shirt: Target — Scarf: Vendor in Hawaii — Skirt: One Mango Tree — Sandals: Target — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Bracelet: Gift

It finally happened, friends. I hoped this day would never come, and I tried to be careful, but I guess it was inevitable.

I can no longer say I’ve never dropped my phone in the toilet.

There’s nothing like a phone-dunking first thing in the morning to make you want to just give up on the day entirely and go back to bed in defeat.

(Well, really, that’s unnecessary hyperbole. There are lots of things worse than this, and some of them have happened to me–but in that moment, staring down at the toilet bowl, it can be hard to put things in perspective.)

Fortunately, the day has more or less improved steadily, and hopefully spending some quality time in a bag of rice will increase the likelihood of my phone coming back from the grave, too.

Until then, there are bright colors and fun patterns to console me. Wish me luck!

Outfit Post: 8/20/12

Top: Gap Outlet — Pants: Old Navy — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Necklace: Hand-me-down — Bracelet: Thrifted — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hey, y’all! Try to guess the reason my pictures are all blurry today:

1) I’m really Bigfoot.

2) I was field-testing a new cloaking device, which did not perform as well as anticipated.

3) I just got back from tryouts for a live reenactment of Renoir’s Bal du moulin de la Galette and hadn’t had a chance to remove my full-body Impressionism makeup yet.

4) I misplaced the camera’s wireless trigger and somehow thought that if I took pictures in my usual spot in the driveway without it, the camera would magically know to focus on the space where I stand rather than, uh, all the way across the street.

It’s probably one of those, anyway. Would I lie to you?

Outfit Post: 8/19/12

Dress: eBay (Anthropologie) — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Belt: Thrifted — Hat: Target — Bracelet, necklace, and earrings: Gifts

I daresay I was a bit overdressed for our department barbecue last Sunday–the unspoken dress code seemed to be more along the lines of tank tops and shorts–but I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel perfectly adorable.

And I didn’t get a single drop of barbecue sauce on my dress, which is a victory in and of itself.

We didn’t get around to trying the paddleboats on the lake, though, which is a shame.  There was one shaped like a dragon! There’s nothing for it but we’ll have to go back sometime and paddle our hearts out.

(I’ll admit that I recently wore this dress in a pretty similar fashion to an outdoor wedding, but I can’t help it! It’s pretty and it makes me feel pretty, and that ain’t wrong.)

All in all, the event was pretty great–it’s always amusing to see co-workers’ families, especially when the families include little boys with little mohawks, or funny, slobbery dogs.

The food was good, the park was lovely, and I got double dessert! Did I mention food? I love food. Food is my best friend. (Sorry, Tia.)

Does your workplace do seasonal events? Our main parties are the summer barbecue and the winter pre-break luncheon, although we’ve also had the odd pizza party or breakfast potluck. It’s always food with us.


Outfit Post: 8/17/12

Dress: Gift — Camisole: Goodwill — Sandals and bracelet: Target — Earrings: Vendor on campus

Sigh. I’ve worn this dress countless times since my aunt gave it to me…seven years ago? eight?, and it’s starting to get a little threadbare. But I like it so much!

The panels at the bottom are so fun and swingy.

And it’s so easy to just throw on when I’m out of other ideas!

I have a few other dresses, but few of them are quite as easy as this one; most of them have thin straps which don’t seem quite work-appropriate, so more fiddle-farting is required to make a proper outfit.

The black-and-white pattern is so pretty and versatile, too! Really, the biggest pain about it is that it’s got kind of an awkward empire waist, which means I can’t dress it up with a belt.

But it works with so many of my other accessories that it doesn’t really matter! I’ll be sad when it finally comes to pieces, and I should really look for a couple more easy cotton dresses that will last me through an entire skin cycle.

(Incidentally–is that actually true, the seven-year thing? It sounds made-up, but it also sounds like the kind of made-up thing that I like pretending is true, like the existence of the Jersey devil, so.)

I’ve tried Goodwill, and have had a little luck, but mostly it’s a sea of old prom gowns and floor-length polyester, which isn’t quite what I’m looking for. What are your favorite resources for cute day dresses?

Outfit Post: 8/16/12

Shirt: Threadless — Skirt: Goodwill (New York & Co.) — Vest: Goodwill (Ben Sherman) — Flats: Goodwill (Hot Gossip) — Ring: Nervous System (via the Walker Art Center) — Necklace: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift from Katie!

Hello, Monday! How are you doing? I know it’s tough being the first day of the workweek in many countries, and that you get a lot of flak for it. But hey, you’re not so bad!

(I’ll let you in on a little secret: ever since I was a kid, days of the week have had genders to me. This isn’t due to any sort of ordinal-linguistic personification so much as it’s due to the fact that my parents divorced when I was quite small but continued to live in the same town, so I grew up living at my mom’s house on Mondays and Tuesdays, my dad’s house on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and switched off on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays. Even though I haven’t lived on that schedule for years, Monday still feels more like Momday to me.)

Sure, the coming-off-the-weekend resentment can be hard to deal with, but I’m going to make a tasty dinner tonight and there aren’t too many dishes to do, and there’s also homemade peach ice cream and Dollhouse waiting for afterwards! (My needs, they are simple. If I have good food and an interesting narrative, I’m pretty much happy.)

Plus, students are trickling back onto campus, and apparently have nothing better to do than practice beautiful piano sonatas in the building next to mine. It’s enough to make a girl take off her headphones and listen, I tells ya.

Double-plus, I brought this SUPER-COOL Nervous System ring back from Minneapolis as a memento, and I seriously want to wear it all. The. Time. I will! You can’t stop me! (Well, you probably could, really, but let’s pretend you won’t.)

Triple-plus, my outfit from last Thursday involved a peeking flamingo, which still makes me giggle every time I look at him.

Quadruple-plus, I learned recently that cafe-au-lait birthmarks (like the little splotch above my necklace here; I also have a larger one on my calf) are also called giraffe spots, which is completely delightful and charming.

Quintuple-plus (???), I have awesome online friends who sometimes send me wonderful letters and things for basically no reason other than that they’ve got it into their heads that I’m worthy of that. Including a sweet dress from Alex that I’m not sure I ever properly thanked her for–Alex, I will be sending you a letter soon, see if I don’t! And I’m hoping to give the dress a test run this week, now that the weather has cooled down a little.

Really, it’s humbling how great you guys are. I want to say I don’t deserve it, but that’s wrong; I do deserve smart, thoughtful, funny friends, and I just have to make sure I try to be as great to them as they are to me, and to never take them for granted. (By them, I mean y’all. Yes, you!)

So, y’know, in light of all that, Mondays really aren’t that bad.