Outfits: 8/1/12-8/3/12 (Plus Minneapolis Fun!)

Welcome back me! I only have a few pictures from my days in Minneapolis, mostly because the hotel where we were having the convention was a battery vampire, and also because I’m a terrible life-documenter. Bad Mia, bad!

This was Wednesday, my first full day in Minneapolis; after a long day of sessions (during which I met the awesome Erin, who has truly amazing hair and who is an extremely fun conference companion) I went to dinner with Hairpin commenter friends Kate, Angela, and Tina.

We ended up going to the Birchwood Cafe, which had tons of super-rad local food on the menu; I ended up getting the crisped softshell crab with black rice, string beans, kohlrabi, mizuna, watercress and sambal lime aioli, which may actually be one of the most delicious things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Well, besides the ice cream we got afterwards at Izzy’s, where I decided on blackberry creme fraiche with an Izzy scoop of Mexican chocolate. Tiny ice cream hat! It was the cutest/tastiest. We also did things besides eat, like walking along the Intercity Bridge and talking about chicken heads, bridge collapses, and other normal stuff, and I’m super grateful to all three ladies for showing me such a good time. Y’all are the best!

After sessions on Thursday, my coworker Jen and I went to the Walker Art Center, where I may have actually given a little squeal when I saw the Takashi Murakami wallpaper near the bathrooms. (I love superflat, yes I do!) The outdoor sculpture garden was way cool, especially if you like giant fruit and cutlery. My personal cutlery-sculpture count is up to two now, after seeing Fork in Vevey in 2010.

I don’t have any pictures of dinner, which ended up being a fairly tasty lamb burger with chevre–that was actually probably the least-amazing dinner of the trip, although when “fairly tasty” is the low point you’re still doing pretty good.

Friday night I ventured out on my own to Blacklist Vintage, and only wasted 45 minutes trying to figure out the bus system, which is pretty good for me. The chick working the counter, who I think was named Morgan, was extremely nice and fun to talk to, and I ended up walking out of there with a 70s skirt, a 50s dress, and a tiny little owl pin. Good thing I had some extra space in my luggage! (If you’re ever in Minneapolis, Blacklist is really lovely, with a well-curated selection of garments–I saw so much beautiful vintage clothing that I would have loved to own if it had been the right size, or if I had had a larger travel budget.)

Again, no picture of dinner, but Jen and I did go to Hell’s Kitchen for lunch, where I got yam fries and the incredible ham and pear crisp sandwich–so hammy, so peary, so cheesy. Love!

Uhh, and then there was also conference stuff, but I’m not going to bore your socks off with researcher nonsense. Or with the trials and tribulations of flying back home, which may or may not have involved me being a giant dope and leaving my Kindle on a plane in Phoenix during our transfer. I’m still trying to work out whether they ended up finding it so that it can be shipped back to me, or if it’s gone for good. I may not be able to have nice things, but it was still a fantastic trip, and I don’t regret a thing. (Well, I regret leaving my Kindle on that plane. Derp.) Minneapolis is pretty dang cool, and I’d love to go back sometime. It’s good to see parts of the Midwest besides Chicago. Maybe next time I’ll hit Wisconsin! It’s pretty much exactly like Dairy Queen, right?


4 thoughts on “Outfits: 8/1/12-8/3/12 (Plus Minneapolis Fun!)

    • Mia says:

      Oh! That’s just my incoherent way of saying that the signal at the hotel (especially in the conference rooms) was TERRIBLE and my phone kept trying its heart out to get a good signal, which meant that by around 5:00 each day the battery was completely drained, even if I kept it turned off during sessions. Pain in the ass if I wanted to leave the premises immediately and go have fun (which of course I did). Next time I’ll bring a spare battery to swap out, and Mike also said that keeping the phone on airplane mode during sessions would have been a more effective way of keeping the battery alive.


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