Outfit Post: 8/10/12

Tank top: Goodwill — Sheer top: Goodwill — Pants: Goodwill — Flats: Goodwill (Hot Gossip) — Bracelet and earrings: Hand-me-down — Brooch: Gift from Katie!

This outfit started with a pair of flats: a pair of floral flats, to be specific, and ones that practically threw themselves at me the last time I was at Goodwill. If ever there was a time when I could admit that I bought something for the sake of blogging, that time would be now. A year ago–maybe even six months ago–I probably wouldn’t have considered these at all, but this time, with a few quick thoughts (Oh, floral is big right now! and I’ve seen such-and-such do floral well! and these will photograph nicely!) I scooped ’em up and tried ’em on.

And whadda ya know, they’re pretty cute and comfy! I like that they add an extra tidbit of pattern to an outfit, and god knows I’ve been keeping an eye open for more non-shoe-colored shoes for the last couple of months. I don’t know exactly how long flats have really been in style recently, but I’m glad that they appear to have had a resurgence within the last couple of years! They seem to appear in an increasing variety of colors and patterns, and offer a nice alternative to those of us who really can’t do heels more than about once a week.

(Which is not to say I don’t like heels; I tend to give the gorgeous, sky-high pairs on other blogs and in stores a sort of sad, wistful glance every time I see them. Realistically, though, I just can’t do ’em. Even the sturdy, practical ones with a wedge or a thick heel or a platform tend to leave me tottering by the end of the day, so in the end I’m happy enough to leave the ultra-high ones to the pros.)

Anyway, once I got the flats home, I immediately started plotting how to wear them on their first outing. It was unintentional, but now that I’m looking back at these pictures, it looks like my subconscious theme was “grandma’s house chic.” We’ve got 1) a cross-stitched brooch,

2) a striped tank top in old-timey pastels,

3) a sheer, filmy over-shirt reminiscent of ineffective curtains (probably with some rips and tears from the cat),

4) some old hand-me-down jewelry,

And 5) flats like the couch with the plastic slipcover over it.

I’m not sure where the orange pants fit in, but you know what I mean. (And really, this is assuming a stereotypical, sort of “platonic white upper-middle-class grandmother” for the scenario. If we’re talking my particular grandmas, one was dead before I was born and the other was suffering from dementia and in a home, so the closest equivalent is my first stepmom’s parents; grandma was a wheelchair-bound diabetic amputee who had all the James Bond movies and a plastic slipcover not over the couch, but over the keyboard of her ancient Macintosh computer, and grandpa was thin and quiet and played with trains in the basement. So, y’know, edit for personal experience as you see fit.)



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