Outfit Post: 8/13/12 and EBEW: Monochromatic

Top: Target — Skirt: Goodwill — Wedges: Goodwill (Aerosole) — Necklace and bangle: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift

EBEW, baby! It’s back, and it’s monochromatic!

It took me a long time to figure out which color I wanted to swath myself in for this month’s challenge; I initially jumped to orange, because it’s fast becoming my favorite color and I do enjoy being as visually obnoxious as possible. I also considered white, because I just got a pair of awesome white linen trousers (notice how calling them trousers sounds way fancier than just plain old pants?) over the weekend, and doing a white-out outfit would be a challenge for me. I ultimately scrapped those ideas, though, and went with yellow, because who couldn’t use a little more sunshine in their lives?

Plus, yellow’s just a great color, and I thought it might be a little underrepresented over at the ol’ EBEW roundup. Of course, it wasn’t until I was already halfway through the day that I realized I’d worn this same yellow pencil skirt for last month’s EBEW. What can I say? It’s extremely versatile!

It was an appropriate day to be sunshiney, too–temperatures climbed to 104 and I spent most of the day being sunshiney indoors so as not to collapse from heatstroke. It’s not quite this hot, but at night, when your house is 93 years old and doesn’t have central A/C, it’s like trying to sleep inside an oven.

Yaaaaaay, summer!! 

Seriously, though, I can’t complain. It gives me an excuse to stay inside and catch up on Legend of Korra with Mike. (Pabu the fire ferret is my new favorite, although he’s no Appa.)

It does make cooking a bit of a pain, though; even something simple like simla mirch paneer cranks up the heat and I can barely work up the appetite to eat it after it’s done. What are your favorite things to eat when it’s too hot to cook? Me, I can hear an apple and a jar of cookie butter calling my name…

Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear


13 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/13/12 and EBEW: Monochromatic

  1. Ach, I love this yellow combination: even the sunlight is being obediently golden! How’d you manage that? I’ve long been entranced by that yellow necklace of yourn, and I love it with the medallion earrings.

    It’s been so ridiculously hot that I haven’t eaten anything other than peaches, yogurt, and Klondike bars for a week. Only slightly kidding: there was some bacon in there, too.

  2. Ooh, Mia, this outfit is lovely! This definitely feels like a light & summery look. Yellow is actually my favorite color but I really don’t wear enough of it.

    I also live in an ooold house and the beginning of the summer & it’s hot heat was crazy. It is like sleeping in an oven! lol
    Luckily someone lent us a window a/c (or should I say an angel gave it to us!) Before that, my meals were mostly cold lunch meat sandwiches and lots of popsicles! It was quick and didn’t require heating up the oven. Good luck and drink lots of water! (But I’m sure you already got that covered.)

  3. Yellow was such a good choice for the Monochromatic-challenge. I was happy to see that there was actually other colours than blue in the challenge 😀 my own wardrobe just wasn’t up to anything else this time.
    PS: I read the Flat Tyre-story. I love cats and I wish the best for little kitty.

  4. rubybastille says:

    You look fab! The necklace is the perfect finishing touch. This month’s theme totally stumped me, mostly because due to my sad lack of color, my options were a neutral or blue, which is pretty much a neutral anyway.

    Also, YES LEGEND OF KORRA. Did you watch the original show? Did you know LOK has been renewed for THREE more seasons?? I am really really excited about this.

    • Mia says:

      Ah, yes! I loooooved the original Avatar, so Mike and I were totally on board for Korra. Time just slipped away and so now we have to catch up, which means I have to restrain myself from watching six episodes in a single night. I heard some people weren’t as satisfied with Korra as with the original series, but I’m digging it!

      • rubybastille says:

        I thought Korra was pretty awesome! I wasn’t wild about a couple spoilery things, but all in all, considering what it had to live up to, I thought it was fantastic.

        Kevin and I are rewatching TLA, and the first season was kind of a slog after coming from the grown-up badassery of Korra. Luckily we’re in season 3 now and things are hardcore again. 😀

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