Guest Post: Tia’s and Amy’s Big Day Out

[Hey, guys, Mia here! Tia’s aunt Amy, who is awesome-cool and a longtime reader of our blog here, sent me this fantastic guest post in case you’re getting lonesome for a little Tia action! Take it away, Amy.]

So…Tia and Braden met up with some of the family for an outing to the Chicago Science and Industry Museum. I told Tia I should do a guest post for your blog since she isn’t posting this month on Reading in Skirts. We took pictures!

(Tia and Braden dancing in front of the interactive screen. Tia said she was a total science geek for always looking to see what sort of cameras were being used.)

I don’t know what to write about, really. I do know that Tia’s hair was a few weeks into its present shade. We were only in the museum about 10 minutes before a museum employee asked her what shade it was. Tia had to think awhile but decided it was probably just called “violet.” This was after both Braden and I said “purple” about the same time. The employee complimented her hair after asking a few bazillion questions on how Tia processes the color. I told Tia as we continued on that her hair matched the museum employee’s sweater almost exactly, to which she replied that her intent was always to match her hair color to random strangers’ clothes at the museum. I tell you, that is dedication to fashion right there! Haha! I also realized there and then how much she and my brother sound alike when doling out sarcastic comments.

I know you ladies normally include some detail shots so I was trying to think what to do. Looking back, I wish I had taken a photo of her tattoo through her leggings. I was amazed at how the colors came through the fairly dark color of her leggings. But, I liked the way her hair looks in the back, even though she says it is just fading, so that is what I took a photo of. This shows off her color and bow nicely. A bonus: when I went to crop it, the light poles in the background make it look like she has antennae!! My niece, the bug. 🙂

I have little to no fashion sense. I blame that on my mother for dressing me in my brothers’ hand-me-downs. I have more pictures of me in clashing stripes and plaid than one person should be allowed. Not only am I a girl, I was six and eight years younger than them so the styles were already changing by the time I had to wear the clothes. At least, that is what I console myself with when I look back at the photo albums. In reality, as long as I could climb a tree, ride my bike, and play in the creek, I didn’t care what the heck I was wearing!

So…in that vein, I didn’t really ask much about her outfit de jour. My mom thought to ask if Tia’s mom had made the skirt, but she had not. We complimented Tia on how nicely all the wedding attire came out, and that in the time since the wedding her Mom has decided to sew “all the things.” I know Tia chose the skirt/leg covering (hosiery? sheer leggings?) because she wasn’t sure of the weather that day, and she opted for long sleeves for that same reason. She was sure, however, of where she and Braden had parked the car. Still waiting to see who won that $5 bet! (T:Coming out of blog break just to say It was ME! He was so turned around.)

P.S. If anyone is interested, my shirt is an original from shortly after I became the first female firefighter on my local department. It is almost as old as an 8 year old Tia (gasp) and is quite close to having to be retired to a work-around-the-house shirt as there are lots of thinning areas–threadbare is the technical fashion term, I think. My bracelets are homemade from colored string and glow-in-the-dark thread. My friends hate them because they think they are stupid, but they make me smile when I am lighting up the dark! And I am wearing my Mickey Mouse silhouette earrings which also make me smile.

[Thanks, Amy! Y’all’s visit looks like so much fun, I’m jealous in the extreme. Good thing Mike and I both just asked for vacation time off to go see Tia and Braden again for Thanksgiving! Maybe we’ll get to sneak in a little Amy visit while we’re in the area…

P.S. Homemade bracelets are never stupid!]


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tia’s and Amy’s Big Day Out

  1. Yay! You made me look like a bonified blogger there Mia ~ thanks! I would love to be able to meet you and Mike this fall. That would be awesome 🙂

    And Tia ~ shame! No blogging/facebook in August (even though I am the one that made you break both of those now ~ whoops!) Glad you won the bet though…I was pretty sure you were right about where the car was parked 😉

  2. I was actually TOTALLY checking out those bracelets, Amy. Cute!
    Tia’s tattoo really showed through that dark legwear? Crazy! She should definitely put them on again, just for a blog picture. Hehehe.
    And that hair colour really IS awesome. I love it! I may go purple soon. I was eying red, pink, and purple in the pharmacy the other day. Undecided.

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