Outfit Post: 8/12/12

Top: Gap Outlet — Skirt: Thrifted — Sandals: Target — Bracelets: Found and gift — Earrings: Gift from Katie!

Hop in my Delorean, folks, we’re going back in time!

Okay, we’re only going back to Sunday, but still–it feels about a thousand years away at this point, so vroom vroom!

This particular Sunday was a go-to-the-farmers’-market, buy-a-new-pair-of-trousers, read-some-childhood-books kind of day. (I’ve been slowly working my way back through the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce; her Immortals series spoke to me way more as a kid, what with the talking-with-animals parts and all, but Alanna is pretty kickass. I’m glad we have these books for young people to read!)

Anyhow, I found this skirt in my hand-washing bin a few weeks ago, and realized I hadn’t worn it since last year! Which is a shame, because it’s so fun, with all the colors and sequins and glittery thread. It’s actually a little weird, in that it is cut higher at the sides than at the front/back, but it’s nice and loose, and not a bad choice for a farmers’-market kinda weekend.

Also, I wore the “MIA” bracelet that Tia got me back in high school, so that if I got lost while looking for the perfect bunch of dinosaur kale, people would know who I am.

I also tried something new-ish to me: shirt knotting. I wasn’t all that big on the shirt-knotting thing when it drifted back into trendiness, but somehow it helped this outfit become a little more interesting than its loose-skirt-loose-shirt beginnings.

Plus, look at all the fruit we got: Asian pears, nectarines, peaches, yellow pluots, plums, and these little red-green mottled plum cultivars dramatically named “elephant hearts.” Most of these are gone now, and I miss them. Sigh. Until next time, farmers’ market!

Lastly, I wanted to give a little Flat Tire update! I know you can only kind of see her surgery site in this picture (she was being squirrely and kept biting at my hands when I tried to rearrange her…so rude, right?), but it healed nicely and the fur is growing back over the incision area. She’s getting along fine without her stump; she has so much energy and just wants to play all the time, so she’s back to being the little problem child we know and love. Her newest game: running headlong down the living room and jumping onto her favorite rug (a gift from my dad, from Mexico) so that it slides along the floor and bunches up against the wall. It was cute the first fifteen times she did it…

(Okay, I can’t lie, it’s still cute. It’s just cute and annoying, which is basically her M.O. Oh, troublemaker, what are we going to do with you?)


8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/12/12

  1. Love the color combo here, and your endless parade of perfectly matching accessories! I agree on the necessity of shirt knotting, though I can’t think of a time in recent memory when it was trendy…

  2. Kate says:

    I love that shirt! Perfect bright orange, great fit, I never would have thought to pair the skirt and shirt, but I love the way they work together. Note to self – More orange!

    And Alanna! I loved those books, though I’m with you, I really liked the Immortals a bit better. But looking at it as an adult, Alanna is much more kick ass! Now I want to go pull all my Tamora Pierce books. Have you read the ones following Alanna’s daughter? They are also really good, as I recall, though I’ve only read them once. Trickster’s Choice was the first, though I had to look that up. (And in looking it up, discovered that Alanna was first published in 1983!!)

    • Mia says:

      I haven’t read them! I have Trickster’s Choice from a used bookstore, but I started it and for some reason never continued. I should try again, after I’m done with Lioness Rampant…

  3. I really like that skirt. Handwashing would keep me from even considering bringing it home, but I love the print and colors!
    Glad Flat Tire is back to being kitten-y. That would be funny to see her rug surfing ~ haha!

  4. Eee, that is a fun and VERY appropriate farmer’s market skirt. The shirt-knotting detail is a good touch: a bit more subtle than the ’90s “tie a knot in your sweatshirt” version of that trend.

    I love Tamora Pierce, but I still carry a lingering disappointment against her from the day I realized that so many of the, say, Yamani customs were obvious cribs off real-world cultures. I ought to reread the books and see if that judgement was unfair!

    • Mia says:

      Oh, she’s certainly not perfect…I appreciate that she was interested in incorporating non-white cultural aspects into her worldbuilding, though! But I was definitely holding my breath all the way through The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, because I wasn’t sure how I would feel about her going into this desert tribe and making things all better because she’s Glorious and White. (Which I know isn’t what Pierce intended, but it’s an important aspect to consider…)

  5. I’m glad Flat Tire is rug-sliding and feeling better. This week our Corgi and the kitten finally discovered true love – for each other. The chase games start at 11 p.m. and end right before my alarm goes off. But it’s true love, so that’s awesome right?

    The color of that top is amazing, and the knotting accents your great waistline. Cool finds in the hand wash bin and farmer’s market.

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