Outfit Post: 8/19/12

Dress: eBay (Anthropologie) — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Belt: Thrifted — Hat: Target — Bracelet, necklace, and earrings: Gifts

I daresay I was a bit overdressed for our department barbecue last Sunday–the unspoken dress code seemed to be more along the lines of tank tops and shorts–but I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel perfectly adorable.

And I didn’t get a single drop of barbecue sauce on my dress, which is a victory in and of itself.

We didn’t get around to trying the paddleboats on the lake, though, which is a shame.  There was one shaped like a dragon! There’s nothing for it but we’ll have to go back sometime and paddle our hearts out.

(I’ll admit that I recently wore this dress in a pretty similar fashion to an outdoor wedding, but I can’t help it! It’s pretty and it makes me feel pretty, and that ain’t wrong.)

All in all, the event was pretty great–it’s always amusing to see co-workers’ families, especially when the families include little boys with little mohawks, or funny, slobbery dogs.

The food was good, the park was lovely, and I got double dessert! Did I mention food? I love food. Food is my best friend. (Sorry, Tia.)

Does your workplace do seasonal events? Our main parties are the summer barbecue and the winter pre-break luncheon, although we’ve also had the odd pizza party or breakfast potluck. It’s always food with us.



6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/19/12

  1. I love this dress! You wore this with a cardigan before, right? I think it’s perfectly suited to a barbecue *and* an outdoor wedding. A wedding barbecue, even. By the way, you are now the proud owner of Bluey. Contact me for the necessaries…

  2. I really like this dress. The pattern and the colors are really pretty. I don’t remember you wearing this alone before, it’s always been part of another outfit. It looks like a perfect summery going-to-a-cookout outfit!
    Finished French Milk. A very cute book. I was going to share it with one of my students who is planning to be a animator, but I think the language and some of the situations might upset her Mom. They are staunch Catholics and might take offense to some of the language and talk of sex. Oh well….
    No fun cook-outs when you are self-employed. Sigh… 😦

  3. Great score on that Anthro dress!

    We do annual Christmas parties, with great food and wine. It’s nice to hang around with the Big Bosses, without any discussion of case statuses, litigation deadlines, who’s fault it is that something didn’t get done, etc. 😛

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