Loads of Links: 8/27/12

via Snack Love (drool)

Study finds fat acceptance blogs can improve health outcomes. A quote from the article: “We saw there was a lot of opinion about the movement but very few people had actually studied it.” Surprise! People have opinions about fatness that are not rooted in fact; film at 11:00.

A personal essay on the outsourcing of garment production. The end of the article links to a list of made-in-the-US companies, but it’s important to note that this list may not be accurate, according to one commenter:

one of the apparel companies on that list that supposedly manufactures in the US paid the small designer label I work for to produce them 1000 pieces in China and slap on a Made in USA label

So there’s that.

Erika Moen on male privilege re: public interaction. Killing it, as usual. (Original [awesome] comic that started the debate by Melanie Gillman.)

+ Let’s Discuss the Merits of Anthropologie (The Clothing Store, Not the Discipline). Valuable points made about catalog lifestyles.

+ In case you haven’t somehow seen it, Kate Beaton’s straw feminists.

+ To promote her upcoming book, Relish, Lucy Knisley created Snack Love, where she does lovely illustrations of delicious-looking food. Is it lunchtime yet/is it time for Relish to come out yet? I look forward to accidentally smearing cookie butter all over the pages of my copy.

+ It’s been a while since I’ve participated in cosplay culture, but this collection of genderswap/alternative costumes from Comic Con makes me smile.

+ On that note, Cosplaying While Black also makes me smile.

+ “Don’t look past my disabled body–love it.”

+ I can’t remember if I’ve linked this here before, but Is This Feminist? makes me laugh for days.

+ Zoe Saldana, you speak the truth:


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