Let Me Reintroduce You To My Wardrobe

Hi guys – did you miss me? While I’m excited to be back, it was really nice to take a month off of blogging and social media and just experience everything without reporting on it. It also gave me a chance to reorganize my clothing set up in a more meaningful way.

Sorry for the blurry photo of my new pants organization device. The top bit is just things that go under skirts(tights, pettipants, leggings), then we’ve got shorts, then pants, then denim, and the bottom is pajamas and workout clothes. Yay for organized pants!

Before I moved my pants out, they lived in this drawer with my skirts. Right now, the skirts are organized right to left from long skirts to short shirts, but I might need to organize them differently, since most of my skirts are obscured by this particular arrangement.

Also, getting my pettipants and tights out of my underwear drawer left me room to organize my socks too! So many socks y’all!

Anyway, thanks everyone for understanding my need to take a break. I’m all jazzed up and excited to show y’all my new ideas for outfits that came out of organizing my closet. How do you get psyched up for blogging?


4 thoughts on “Let Me Reintroduce You To My Wardrobe

  1. Mia says:

    Yay, Tia’s back, Tia’s back!

    It’s interesting that you fold your skirts–I would definitely have trouble remembering all my skirts if they were laying on top of each other. If closet space is limited, maybe you could finagle a freestanding hanging rack thing? I still fantasize about one of those, although we no longer have the bedroom space for one and I think Michael would kill me with his evil laser vision if I seriously considered it.

    • Closet space being limited is the main reason my pants are now in that freestanding dealio. I was thinking I might try turning the skirts sideways? So I browse them like library books? I’m not sure if the spine of a skirt is enough to remember it well though. XD

      I’ll probably end up getting something soon for hanging skirts, but I don’t even know. It took me like three months of angst to figure out the pants thing. XD

  2. I so missed you! I saw a Tweet from you this morning and thought “Aw, I miss Tia.” I like to pretend you felt my missing you and came back just for me. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

    And for sharing how you organize your clothes. Folded clothes I organize by type, but hanging clothes I organize by color. As much as I organize anything, of course.

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