Things I Did Not Buy (But Might) 9/4/12: BIRFDAY Edition

Hey, y’all! Hope all of youse to whom this applies enjoyed your Labor Day–I enjoyed mine so much (my dad is visiting from Mexico!) that I’m still recovering. By which I mean, as you read this I’m probably staring at the wall of my office, trying to remember what it is I do during business hours.

What I’m definitely not doing is shopping for a birthday present to buy myself. No, that will wait until after work, because I am a good little employed person.

Oh yeah, did I already mention that my birthday is on Friday? Don’t worry, I won’t let you forget it. I’ll be mentioning it at every possible opportunity, because I frickin’ love my birthday and I want to make sure everybody else remembers to enjoy it with me! Hahahahaha. Wait, don’t go, there’s party favors!

Aaaaaanyway, here are a few things I’ve been eyeing:

Door number one: tiny hummingbird skull pendant from Erica Weiner, because it’s wee and amazing. But do I get bronze or silver?

Door number two: beautiful skirt from One Mango Tree, because I already have this skirt in a different print and I am deeply in love with it. Plus, they’re having a 40% off sale right now! If there’s one thing I love more than my birthday pretty new skirts, it’s the illusion of savings. SAVINGS!!

Door number three: pretty shirtdress from eShakti, because I have been wanting a shirtdress for forever (read: a year or so), and the yellow is just so sunshiney.

Only time will tell what I end up getting! Or maybe I’ll just buy everything in a frenzy of materialism and regret. That’s how birthdays are supposed to work, right? Did I mention that Friday is my birthday? I love presents.


6 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy (But Might) 9/4/12: BIRFDAY Edition

  1. Did your birthday things from me arrive yet? Did they? I MUST KNOW IMMEDIATELY UPON YOUR RECEIPT OF THESE GIFTS.

    How’s your dad doing, other than enjoying Miatime?

    • Mia says:

      No, not yet! Believe you me, I will send you a loud textmessage when they pop through the mail.

      He’s pretty good! Tried to go to the DMV this morning to renew his license, although it sounds like it didn’t work out. I’m taking him to the airport tonight, I’ll tell him you said hi!

  2. Whoa, my birthday is on Thursday! I am 365n+1 days older than you for some (possibly negative, but I’m guessing not) integer n. (I just realized that it’s a bit more complicated than 365 because there could be some number of leap years in there, but we will pretend that there are no leap years, OK? It would ruin all the fun.)
    I love presents too. Most years I have several things I want to splurge on and buy for myself for my birthday, but I don’t really have anything this year. My birthday kind of snuck up on me. We are going out to a nice restaurant for dinner tonight to celebrate. Jon got us reservations a few months ago because he is such a thoughtful partner. That is a very nice gift.

  3. I pick the yellow dress. Oh, wait, it’s not my birthday. But the necklaces look a bit stabby. Delicate and weird, yes, but also like something I could definitely hurt myself with. Or, yes, buy everything ’cause it’s your birthday. It’s a rule. I read that somewhere but have conveniently forgotten where.

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