Outfit Post: 9/2/12 (Plus Mia’s Family and Zoo Pictures)

Tank top: Thrifted — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Hat and earrings: Target — Necklace: Gift from Daddio

Heyyy, it’s time for Mia to account for her long weekend! As I mentioned yesterday, my dad (commonly known as Daddio) came to visit for a few days; the main reason for this was that on Sunday, my brother and his band had their first paying gig at a fall festival! This was no mean feat, so we turned out to cheer them on and be ever-so-proud. Brothers! (Yes, that’s him on the right there. I decided to protect my dad’s identity with a smiley face because I didn’t have time to go hunting for good pictures of Miss Marple, but I figure my brother’s on his own. If he wants to be a famous keyboardist, he’s going to have to get used to it.)

Anyhow, they rocked out and it was rad, and afterwards the band’s singer invited us back to his parents’ place for food and fun. A nicer buncha folks I couldn’t have hoped to meet! Plus, it turns out the singer’s father and my dad both went to the same Catholic school in Hayward when they were young. The world is frighteningly small sometimes, isn’t it?

But the fun don’t stop there! The next day (Monday) Mike and I both had the day off thanks to, y’know, Labor Day or whatever, and since it had been a while since Daddio had been in the area, we took a little trip to one of the greatest local attractions available: the zoo! It is but a wee zoo, but every summer they have a great lorikeet exhibit where you can go inside and get your fingers bitten for next to nothing, which I call a bargain at any price. (For the record, I didn’t get bitten, but I did get pooped on.)

Yup, me and Tom Waits (okay, and Daddio and Mike) had a super-excellent time.

Plus, we got to feed the little rascals this nectar junk that looked pretty much exactly like their poop. They sure are cute, though, aren’t they?

I know this is a shambling mess of a post, but that’s only because we had such a good weekend that I can’t talk about every good thing and remain coherent! There were long walks and good food and lots of movie-watching in between. We dropped Daddio off at the airport last night and he should be just about back at his house when this post goes up. Godspeed, Daddio, and come back real soon.


One thought on “Outfit Post: 9/2/12 (Plus Mia’s Family and Zoo Pictures)

  1. Those lorikeets are really beautiful! I’m not a fan of birds though ~ ever since my freshmen year college roommate had a “love” bird. I was holding it and it latched it’s little beak onto my chin. That hurt! I like birds, but I don’t want to be very near them unless they are in a cage 🙂
    Good luck to your brother in his musician quest. Hard life, but rewarding…

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