This Just In: Mia Goes Gallivanting About Town, Neglects Sacred Blog Duties

By the time you read this post, I will be on a one-way trip to Brazil with the diamonds driving out to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday! Happy birthday, me. I will also have been twenty-four for…oh, just about thirteen minutes, since I was born at 1:37 in the afternoon, or 13:37 if you do the military thing. A most fortuitous time, don’t you think? A promise, almost.

As for the day’s events: Tito (whose birthday was last Saturday–happy birthday, Tito!) and Mike and I will be kicking it around the city for a while, getting a delicious dinner somewhere that has yet to be decided (because we’re all such great planners), and then heading over to the Curran Theatre to see War Horse, for which I am practically vibrating with excitement. Ahh! Somehow, someday, that horse puppet will be mine.

I’ll be back next week with regular outfit posts, but until then, try to imagine my outfit for tonight’s festivities. It involves my old prom dress, which has been waiting in the wings for six years to make a second appearance. Not that its first appearance wasn’t fun enough:

[image circa 2006]

Oh, Mia. Even at such a tender age you were doing silly things for internet friends. Some things never change.


8 thoughts on “This Just In: Mia Goes Gallivanting About Town, Neglects Sacred Blog Duties

  1. Happy Birthday Mia!
    I like vintage Mia ~ I’ve only seen you with short hair so far. Otherwise you haven’t changed a lot have you? Still beautiful πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a fun and delicious evening!

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