Tia and Mia Take an Outfit and Do It Together: Hogwarts Edition + EBEW Back to School!

Hey folks! It’s time for another edition of our sensationally well known series “Tia and Mia Take an Outfit and Do It Together!” For the record, I have a perfectly imagined face for the first time Mia saw me type that out…poor Mia. She chose this edition’s theme: Hogwarts!

I’m not sure if Mia actually considers herself a Hufflepuff, but she’s representing the honorable house of badgers something wicked here. (Note from Mia: I tend to split my loyalties pretty evenly between the ‘Puff and Ravenclaw. A ‘Puff outfit was just easier to put together, what can I say?) When we were but wee lasses in late high school(or was it early college? I think early college for me, late high school for Mia?) I got into the wonder that was Hogwarts Castle. It was(and is) a fabulous text-based role-playing site.

At the time, I was hardcore into RPing – Mia less so. But I still convinced her to come and play with me. She wrote a character called Breaker, who was, not surprisingly at all, a Hufflepuff. He also had a totes bad ass asymmetrical haircut that I envy to do this very day.

It was a merry old time. Hogwarts Castle was a huge part of my life for a long time – it was how I met Erin, Nadya, Mari, Ceci – a whole slew of wonderful people that were psyched about being part of the Potterverse.

I guess I should talk a bit about Mia’s fabulous outfit here. In all honesty, we’re shoehorning this into EBEW because hey, Hogwarts was a school! Still, butterfly sleeves like this seem to be perfect for late August and early September in central California. The temperatures always seem to creep up on you, so back to school clothes there rarely have the same fallish connotations as elsewhere in the states.

I somehow didn’t know this was a striped shirt until this very closeup! How darling! And we all know that stripes are inherently a school thing, right?

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but that button sort of looks like an owl to me. And owls are a huge part of the Hogwarts universe, so I’m going to assume it was intentional. Owls! (Note from Mia: That is indeed an owl! I found this wee little pin at Blacklist Vintage during my trip to Minneapolis and couldn’t resist bringing her home with me and debuting her in this challenge. In case you’re wondering, her name is Eulalie.)

And now over to Mia for some Tia-outfit-commenting action:

Tia may have some uncertainties about where my house affiliations lie, but I think I’ve known that Tia identified as a Slytherin since I knew what a Slytherin was. Which is not to say that she’s greedy, or cowardly, or bigoted, or evil, or any of the other things that Slytherins are depicted as in the books (which, jeez, Rowling, tell us how you really feel). Of course not!

No, what I mean is that Tia’s clever, resourceful, and ambitious, and that there’s not a lot that can stop her once she’s set out to do something. She kicks ass and takes names, basically.

And she’s duly kicking ass with this outfit, as per usual. Not only is it delightfully Slytherin-y (Slytherinesque? Slytherinian?), but she looks absolutely ready for her first day of Potions. Matching skirt and tie! Adorable little green socks!

Plus, those killer oxford booties. I wants them, my precioussss. (Wait, wrong books.) She looks hella snappy and ready to show off for her house, which needs more representatives like Tia to prove that they ain’t all suckas.

So, foks! Embrace the nerdiness, and tell us: Which house are you?

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6 thoughts on “Tia and Mia Take an Outfit and Do It Together: Hogwarts Edition + EBEW Back to School!

  1. I like this post a lot. Very fun with you two commenting on the other ones’ outfits. And though I never got into the whole Harry Potter thing, I think you both did a very nice job!
    (By the way, back off Tia’s shoes Mia, those are mine! If I could walk in anything resembling a heel, I would get those shoes!)

  2. I’m definitely Team Dirty House. is there a spell to unload the dishwasher?

    I’m sharing your post with The Teen who proudly wears a Hogwarts scarf, no matter how nerdy the other teens think it is. You both look amazing, but I’m especially enraptured of the neon socks and the teensy, eensy owl button. Eulalie. I love you.

  3. Becky Shelley says:

    Tia it never occured to me when I bought that plaid , it was slytherin colors! I saw Green and of course thought Tia! can’t wait til you see the vest I made with that plaid! went with fabric covered buttons its AWESOME! and the Kelly green vest is following suit! gonna rock it girl. Mia I love that top! and the pin OMG so cute! I always thought of myself as the red and gold of Gryffindor! not sure why but it seemed appropriate for me what do you guys think or am I hufflepuff? definitely not Slytherin hmmm.

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