Outfit Post: 9/8/12 (Plus 9/9/12 Solano Stroll Pictures)

Green tank top: Goodwill — Pink tank top: Target — Jeans: Goodwill — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Bangles: Gift

Lazy weekend clothing! I spent most of Saturday and Sunday hanging out with Tito at her house, eating tasty Thai food and bothering her cats. (Her longest-haired cat, Athene, had just gotten a lion cut that left her with four furry boots, a furry tail, and a giant furry head in comparison to the rest of her shaved body, so obviously she was the center of hilarity. Picture it with me, if you will.)

We also dyed my hair a few hours after taking these pictures! You don’t get to see that here, though, because I’m a tease. Don’t worry, though, I’ll make it up to you by showing you a ton of pictures from Sunday, which happened to be the Solano Stroll!

In case you’re not familiar, the Solano Stroll is an annual street fair on Solano Avenue in Albany and Berkeley, stretching 1.2 miles between The Alameda and San Pablo Avenue. It has a lot of your normal street fair stuff (cheap jewelry, expensive sodas), but it’s also a great opportunity for local businesses to show off their wares, which can vary pretty wildly, like so:

$2,000 Allosaurus skull replica, courtesy of the Bone Room (which I still have to check out when the gallery is open).

Purdy orchids.

Adult brownies?

And expensive-but-delicious fresh juices. As you can see, I got beet/cucumber/ginger! It may be the reddest thing I’ve ever consumed, and was deliciously spicy from the ginger.

All this, and many other amazing and/or delicious things that I didn’t photograph (for example: blackcurrant-flavored bonbon from The Xocolate Bar, which was in my mouth before we were out the door), mainly because a) I was too busy having fun and buying things–look for my new purchases in the near future!–and b) because Tito and I decided on a random theme for my pictures of the day: Dogs of the Stroll. (A secondary, unintentional theme might be Shoes of Solano.) Tito and, later, our friend Leah, helped me immensely in tirelessly keeping an eye out for dogs big and small, and all in all I took nearly 150 pictures of pups! Woof.

So, without further ado, and (perhaps thankfully) without commentary, please enjoy a small selection of the dogs we saw that day:

I’m excited for next year already.


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/8/12 (Plus 9/9/12 Solano Stroll Pictures)

  1. I have seen the lion cut on some of my piano family kitties and it really is something to see. The one family told me the cat would sulk for days before it would allow them to lavish attention on her once again. Pretty sure most kitties don’t find it to be their best look, but I think it’s cute!
    Love the dog at the end, not surprisingly, the muzzle and the tutu provide quite the contrasting statements!
    I like this outfit, it looks perfect for taking a stroll through a street/art fair. And adult brownies? In California? Hmmm, I wonder what was in them!
    New hair color photos ~ hooray 🙂

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