Outfit Post: 9/11/12

Top and skirt: Gifts — Belt: Thrifted (Old Navy) –Flats: Goodwill (Hot Gossip) — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Bangle: Vendor at Solano Stroll

Alternate photo spot! I’ve gotten so used to taking pictures in the driveway as the sun is going down that when something throws me off my groove I have a hard time adjusting. This time? The neighbor was washing his car.

In a couple of months (maybe sooner) it’ll be too dark when I get home to take pictures outside anyway, so I may as well get used to it, right? Still, I’ll miss the driveway. My pictures look so much nicer out there.

But hey, my clothes are still sweet! I bought this necktie-style belt back in college, and I keep forgetting about it. It’s a little hard to style, with that sort of harsh lime green, but paired with the right colors it looks great, so it shall stay.

And look, new bangle! I spent at least a quarter of my time at the Solano Stroll looking for a bangle–I had a somewhat-specific picture in my head (large, silver, tarnished-looking) and this one fit the bill. It’s a little cheap, and left a gray, erm, patina on my wrist from sweat that day, but I still like it.

Have you listened to “Thrift Shop” yet? If not, why not? Tia posted it a whole sixteen hours ago. That is AMPLE time, my friends, and if you have any feelings about thrifting, it will speak to you as it did to us. Me, I’m planning on a major thrifting expedition this weekend; I just sorted a whole bunch of stuff out of my closet, and there are holes just waiting to be filled! And I’ll be singing “I wear your granddad’s clothes / I look incredible” the whole time, mark my words.

(Hello, dyed hair! How lovely to see you! In case youse guys are interested, we used three different dyes this time, in an ombre attempt: Cupcake Pink (front), Atomic Pink (middle), and Virgin Rose (back and sideburns). I think Tito did an awesome job and I feel like a badass, so that’s good.)

Anyway, if “Thrift Shop” isn’t your jam (somehow), Amanda Palmer’s new album with the Grand Theft Orchestra, Theatre Is Evil, was just released on Tuesday and you should go check it out! It’s on a pay-what-you-want scale, so you can pay lots of bucks or you can pay no bucks, whatever you want/whatever you can give. I backed it on the now somewhat-infamous Kickstarter, but now all the rest of y’all can get in on it if’n you want.

Thoughts on the album so far: very poppy, very 80’s, so if that sort of thing is what you’re into, check it out. I’m not big on some of the songs right now, although her stuff has grown on me before so I’m not saying it won’t this time. A few songs, however, have been punching me in the face, like “Lost,” (warning: it made me cry at my desk) and “The Killing Type,” and “Melody Dean,” and “Want It Back,” which you can watch here (warning: video is NSFW but totally great):

Anyway, dudes. Music, yeah. What have you been listening to?


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/11/12

  1. Love the pink in your hair ~ so many pinks!! 🙂
    The belt is cute too. I had a belt sort of like that, at least the buckle part was the same. I don’t remember what color is was now. But I liked it!

  2. rubybastille says:

    I finally discovered Snow Patrol. I had a couple songs in rotation on my Ipod, but I never really thought about exploring them more until “Make This Go On Forever” came on Pandora and punched me in the gut. Need more!

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