Outfit Post: 9/12/12

Top: Gift — Skirt: Goodwill (H&M) — Sandals: Goodwill (Aerosoles) — Bracelet: ABC Store — Earrings: Solano Stroll

Good afternoon and happy Monday, y’all! Did you have a nice weekend? Did you get a hug from someone? Did you hear a mysterious presence whisper your name in the dead of night while you clutched the blanket to your chest and hoped this was all just a dream?

I know I did!

I also got some mad clothes-replacement shopping in at Goodwill and Target (whoever put one around the corner from the other really knew what they were doing), and did a lot of reading too, on account of the fact that my computer’s wireless card is going out so I was effectively internetless the whole weekend. It was weird and scary, let me tell you. And I caught up on exactly 0% of the blog commenting I had been all ready to dive into! My life, she is so difficult.

But at least I still have these fun long-ass earrings from the Solano Stroll. They came with a tag to the purveyor’s Etsy shop, but alas, I forgot to consult it before writing this post. Next time! (And there will be a next time.)

What did you do last time your internet was out? Or do you actually choose to spend whole days internet-free instead of weeping and cursing every time signal cannot be found?


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/12/12

  1. That skirt makes me happy to look at, as does your hair. I also fattened my closet at the GW Boutique as blogger Dylan at Dylan’s Dresses calls it.

    I had sketchy internet at the beach two weeks ago. It allowed me to pretend I wasn’t getting my boss’s emails…

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