Dressing for Conferences

Hey guys! I have sucked(a lot) at blogging. Part of this has just been the ridiculous amount of busy I’ve experienced this semester. Part of it has been strength training three days a week at the beginning of each day, and not changing into my outfit for pictures until after I’ve worked out, and thus having to do night pictures(aka those pictures just don’t happen). BUT! Thursday – Monday, I was in San Francisco.

I took pictures each day, remarkably enough while I was there. I think I’ve talked before about conferences – computer science conferences are so weird in their dressing standards. Most students don’t dress up, but I feel like because of my hair, I want to dress nicely.

I don’t have too much to say about dressing professionally, since it still is not an expectation for me(and whenever I show up to the lab in a button down and a vest, I still get weird looks and comments from my labmates), but I do love to dress smart.

Anyway! I’ve actually got like three days of outfits on my camera, I just need to make the time to write posts! So hopefully you’ll see me more frequently in the coming weeks. I know Mia’s got some team outfit pics taken by the dear Tito to process later too.






4 thoughts on “Dressing for Conferences

  1. You look so pretty in that first picture – I love the green and blue with your hair color. And I love that second look!

    Also, super excited we wear the same size! I need to send you some stuff, so give me your address when you get a chance, please!

    • Thank you so much! I felt so sassy in that second look – I even managed to ask questions during that day!

      I will totally send you my address and then ask for yours and then raid my to-be-donated box in your name. I wish I had things that were already on your wish list, but I think I have a few things that will suit you better than they’ve suited me. :3

  2. D says:

    Your conference outfits are awesome! I was at a conference last week, and I dressed rather similarly…they always have those rooms in a deep freeze, but I wanted to look cute and professional! I love your color combinations! Purple and red, and blue and green…rockin’.

    • Oh god, I know what you mean about the deep freeze. I have never been to a conference where a cardigan was not an absolute must. Always so freaking chilly!

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