Outfit Post: 9/25/12

Dress: Ross — Shirt and flats: Goodwill — Necklace: Gift — Bangle: Thrifted — Hat: Swapped

I ended up taking Tuesday as a sick day, but more as the preventative type than the I’m-coughing-hacking-and-wheezing type. Sometimes I feel lazy and selfish for taking sick days when I’m not actually exuding mucus from every orifice, but if a day off now and then keeps me happier and healthier, what the hey.

Plus, I got a lot done! Cleaning, errand-running, and cooking (quinoa superfood salad and bacon and pea risotto), all that fun housewifely stuff that I end up doing despite being neither a house nor a wife. Well, I’m only being half-sarcastic; I like the cooking and even the grocery shopping, it’s mostly the cleaning that I only do because it needs to get done.

In truth, this outfit was actually a little warm for Tuesday, mostly because the Valley refuses to acknowledge that it’s fall now and continues to assault us with face-melting sun and heat. (It’s supposed to be 102 on Sunday. 102!! Some last day of September that’ll be.)

I felt cute and purple, though, and the hat adequately hid my obnoxious rebelling hair from general view. See how you like that, hair! Maybe next time you’ll actually do what the hairbrush tells you to do.

Plus, I found this bangle again! It cracked at some point and got shoved to the back of my jewelry box, and I finally dug it out and put some wood glue on it. The fix isn’t perfect, but like my personal crest says: “Good Enough.”

It actually looks a lot like the Failure shirt design from Dinosaur Comics. Damn that T-Rex, always stealing my ideas before I come up with them.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/25/12

  1. I like purple-striped Mia! That is a really cute outfit. Something I could never pull off ~ way too many horizontal stripes! Maybe the 100+ temperatures will pass you by. Although we are supposed to be up near 80’s next week, and if we do that here in Michigan, you should definitely have some warmer temperatures out there in Cali. It just keeps the balance you know 😉

  2. A few things: 1) I want to fall asleep in that frock. 2) I guess you don’t tell your co-workers about your blog? Neither do I. 3) You have an enormous amount of clothes. Where on Earth do you keep them all?

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