Team Outfit Pictures: Tito’s House Edition

Whoa, what? Mia and Tia, together again, even though Tia is already back in Chicago? What is this madness? Is it some manner of witchcraft or trickery?

Oh, wait, never mind, these pictures are just from last weekend, when Tia was still in the Bay Area for her conference. Hi, Tia! Saturday night she lacked dinner plans, so she BARTed out to Berkeley and made pizza with Tito and me at Tito’s house. Afterward, Tito very graciously took some outfit pictures for us, and I think they turned out pretty well given that it was 9 or 10 pm and Tia and I can’t stand still for love or money.

Classy dames, I tells ya.

Well, one of us is.

From what I remember, at least part of Tia’s outfit was comprised of new clothes from her mumsey, and I think she looked quite smashing! For my part, I had things toned down a little bit because earlier that day I attended a memorial for a family friend who passed away recently–it was pretty informal as far as memorials go, but I still figured I’d better keep things on the sedate side.

…sedate-ish, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Team Outfit Pictures: Tito’s House Edition

  1. Becky Shelley says:

    So glad you got to get together pictures! seems I chose wisely when shopping for my favorite girl! ( Sorry Mia ) you know I love you both, especially for the goof you bring out in each other !

  2. Erin says:

    Y’all are just adorable. Alllllmost too cute for words, except for how much I want to squish your cheeks and hug you both to my bosom.

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