Outfit Post: 9/26/12

I like this outfit now, but while I was wearing it, it felt 100% wrong.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I feel gender is a fluid thing, that in particular, I sometimes I perceive myself as more dudely or lady-like. This was a strange case in which I wore pants and a top in such a way that my waist wasn’t as highlighted and felt like the outfit was more hipster!dude than my regular — and it drove me bonkers. The outfit read too male to me in my mind that day, when what I wanted was to be super femme. I’m not really sure how I got out of the house wearing this with as much protesting was going on in my mind, but all day long I felt like a stranger in my skin because of it.

Looking at this outfit 3 days later, there’s nothing wrong with it, and frankly, it’s not even that masculine. I love the vest, made by my mom, and think any other day, it would’ve read as perfectly femme. But it was an experience that I haven’t often dealt with, since most of the time the initial alarm bells would have set me into an outfit changing frenzy.

I don’t know how common that situation is. Have you ever worn clothes that left you feeling like an imposter, even though objectively there was nothing odd about what you were wearing?





3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/26/12

  1. I wear colorful dresses every day a solid 7 months out of the year, but when the weather gets too chilly I have to switch to pants, which I HATE. I basically abandon fashion from November through March. The funny thing is, people who see me during the winter will say, “I didn’t even know you owned pants!” People I have known through several winters—family members, even—just totally forget that I wear pants. If only I could forget as well…

  2. Becky Shelley says:

    maybe because the girls weren’t on display you felt more dudely? Not sure but I love that you wore your green high tops ,The tie up nicely, but I think you could have draped the coordinating bow tie and really felt put together not tied mind you just casually draped around your neck ( a safety pin to secure it )and a fedora would have brought it all together!

  3. The vest colors are very pretty with your hair, and you look very curvacious and girly in your pics; I don’t read masculine at all. I’m curious as to whether you’ll wear it again? I know that even if I get a lot of compliments on an outfit that just feels awkward or not me that the odds of me wearing it again are pretty much zero.

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