Outfit Post: 9/30/12

Cardigan: Target — Camisole: Old Navy — Skirt: Goodwill — Leggings and socks: Target — Boots: Macy’s — Unicorn pendant: Hand-me-down

Are you tired of hearing me talk about our ridiculous non-fall weather yet? No? Oh, good.

Last Sunday Mike and I fled to San Francisco in the face of another 100-degree day in the Valley, and I dressed for the occasion. Unfortunately, San Francisco was also experiencing an unseasonally hot day, and I’ll admit that I spent most of the day with my cardigan wrapped stylishly (read: dorkily) around my purse strap because it was just too dang hot.

Speaking of purses: in case you’re wondering why I never feature a purse in my outfit shots, it’s because I only have one that I use every day, and most of the time it clashes pretty dramatically with whatever I’m wearing. I’ve just never been a big bag person! If you’re curious, though, it’s a Tokidoki “Pirata” LeSportsac bag like this one here; it was Jessica’s, and after she died her mom said I should have it, so here we are. I actually have been thinking about getting a new purse recently because it’s slightly small for my purposes sometimes, but I’ve been too lazy to really start looking. Good strategy, right?

Anyway, Mike and I also made the choice to take BART into the city so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking, which was rather clever. The flip side was that we had to walk everywhere, and we did a lot of walking. Like, at least a thousand miles’ worth. Well, okay, according to estimates from Google Maps, it was closer to six. Six miles. Still! Okay, whatever, shut up, it felt like a lot.

We did have a nice lunch, though, and had some fun walking through Chinatown and seeing the whole ducks and alligator feet and whatnot in the butchers’ windows. And Mike did a bit of shopping himself! He traded in a pair of defective shoes at Allen Edmonds and found a pair of Naked & Famous WeirdGuy Red Core Selvedge jeans (woof, brand names are ridiculous sometimes) at a boutique, so he’s pretty jazzed about his fancy new duds.

Me? I’m just glad I got to wear my pretty new skirt out and about. (I’m also glad my feet didn’t fall off. It was a near thing.)


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 9/30/12

  1. Very, very pretty in pink. I never wonder why style bloggers don’t show their purses, mostly because I hate switching. It takes me forever to remember where things go. I’m on a quest to find The One True Purse. Of course, being almost 50 and still questing, I am beginning to get a little worried. Please find it for me. For us. For the world.

  2. Oh hey! This outfit definitely reminds me of a ballet dancer on her way to or from class… and looks a lot like what I did wear to and from class. Or at least what I remember wearing to and from class, or maybe it’s just what I wish I would have worn to and from class?

    Anyway, I like it! I think tomorrow will be my very last unseasonably warm day, so I’m going to wear sandals and try not to think about rain and cold.

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