Outfit Post: 10/1/12

Button-front: Gift — Camisole: Old Navy – Skirt: One Mango Tree — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: Gift — Necklace: Hand-me-down

Hi, everybody! Happy Monday! I know some of you ’round here in the US have today off of work–I don’t, but it’s still a good day to think about Colombus Day and what that means.

For example, today’s Native Appropriations post about taking the day to celebrate Indigenous Peoples is really on the money. If you don’t personally know anybody to celebrate, support an artist or a musician! I’m personally eyeballing Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction

Speaking of science-fiction, this weekend Mike and I went with a couple of friends to see Looper. It was alright–kind of a sausage-fest and I wasn’t that into the few female characters there were–but mostly I was disturbed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s facial prostheses. My brain kept trying to reconcile what he looked like onscreen with what he looks like in real life, and it was all a bit Uncanny Valley. I really just want to go watch Brick again. (Which, to be fair, Brick is also a sausage-fest, but at least it’s a more interesting sausage-fest.)

Hmm, I’m kind of spacey today. Oh! I wore this outfit as part of a clothing challenge issued to me by Tito, my rad friend and co-blogger over at Nisaba Be Praised. She challenged me to dress using a pair of complementary colors with one light and one dark (her example: lime with maroon). So here we are!

I suppose I could have used a lighter yellow, but I still say it counts. Yellow and plum ahoy! Although I do still want to try her own lime/maroon combo, now that I have  a nice pair of maroon skinny jeans (my first pair!) just waiting to bust out of the closet this weekend…


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/1/12

  1. You rose to the challenge beautifully!

    The Costume Technician saw Looper this weekend, and said she just left feeling disconcerted. I’ll have to ask her if it was the fake face thing 😮

    The Teen is taking AP U.S. History, or “A-Puss” (which disconcerts me), and informed me Monday, “Columbus isn’t really all that.” She had school and I had work, so we definitely weren’t celebrating.

  2. Erin says:

    Ooh, I loved Looper. Yeah, tons of men in it, but the storyline was awesome. Also, JGL and Bruce Willis are so very near and dear to my actor-love heart that I would watch a movie with just the two of them.

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