Outfit Post: 10/4/12

Dress: Gift — Shirt: Goodwill (Forever 21) — Belt: Ross — Flats: American Rag Compagnie — Bracelet and necklace: Gifts — Earrings: Hand-me-down

I have been wishing and washing back and forth for a while now about this top. I keep pulling it out of the closet and thinking, “This thing is cheaply-made and makes me look like Peter Pan, I should give it back to Goodwill and get on with my life.” But then I’ll throw it on over something–say, a strapless dress–and somehow it’s cute enough to pull through another time.

Maybe I’ll just hang onto it until it inevitably falls apart in the wash.

How do you-all feel about the sheer, wispy fabrics that have been trendy lately? I kind of like them, but part of me can’t get around the idea that they’re just an excuse for fast-fashion retailers to pump out easy garments that don’t cost very much or last very long, especially with (from what I’ve heard) the rising cost of cotton.

And sure! Some of them are made nicely and will last longer than others, but, I dunno, I’m getting tired of digging through the sheer floaty stuff in stores to try and find something with a little more weight to it. But maybe the oncoming cold weather is all I need to banish the floatiness for a while? I think I don’t actually feel as strongly about this as it sounds like I do.

And now for something completely different: a shorn kitty! Some assiduous readers may recall the time last month when I mentioned that my buddy Tito’s cat Athene got an extremely hilarious lion cut, and certain of you were affronted that I didn’t share visuals. Fortunately, Tito came to the rescue with a photograph, and my reputation is saved. See the furry boots and the furry head? Yeah, she’s supposed to look like that all over. Poor goofy Athene. If you didn’t get so many mats in your fur, this wouldn’t have to happen! (Don’t feel too bad for her, though; she’s an attention hog who also drools like the dickens, which is an extremely alarming combo if you aren’t expecting it.)

Speaking of cats:

If you’d ever wondered where kitties come from, the answer is apparently Target. Too bad I can’t return her…


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