Outfit Post: 10/8/12

Button-front: Thrifted — Skirt: Goodwill (Target) — Socks: Gift — Shoes: Payless — Hat: Macy’s — Pendant: Found

Did I mention it’s sock weather already? I did? Oh. Well, it’s hat weather too! (Kind of. I mostly wore this hat on Monday because I didn’t have time over the weekend to dye my hair, and thought disguising the two-toned goofiness was best for all parties involved.) Anyhow, it’s funny that I wore this outfit one day before Sal put up a post about knee-highs and leg warmers; while knee-highs with boots are sort of the popular look around fall and winter, I think that knee-highs can still look cute with non-boot shoes that still have a relatively high vamp, like these oxfords.

For a long time I was self-conscious of wearing knee-highs because I thought they made me look a bit like a rugby player and drew attention to my thicker-than-average calves. (It’s a hereditary thing; once when I was fretting over my legs right before a middle school party, my mom revealed that her grandma once told her that she had legs “like a Roman soldier.” Which I guess means they’d look good in gladiator sandals?)

In the end, though, like with so many things, my worries hit their expiration date and I decided to wear knee-highs when I feel like it and not worry too much about other people’s opinions. So here we are! I still have trouble with a lot of knee-high socks cutting into my leg uncomfortably, and I know Tia has the same problem. Last time we talked about it, she mentioned that she was planning to cut the restrictive elastic tops off of some of her knee-highs and sew on her own, more generously-proportioned elastic. I hope she does it soon so that she can share her How To with the rest of us!


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/8/12

  1. This might be my favorite outfit so far! Love the red/turquoise combo, and the hat is very “Who’s That Girl?”! I have similarly proportioned calves, but hey, what are you going to do? I just don’t zip my boots up all the way and make it look like it’s the next new thing.

  2. D says:

    I also have soldier-esque legs, so I know how you feel. You are ROCKING those knee highs! And that SKIRT, oh that skirt. I love the pattern.

  3. I have been looking for a bright red button-front shirt, and here you are wearing one! This just proves that bright red button-front shirts will be the hot thing this season, or something.

  4. Have I ever told you that I’ve always wanted bigger calves, and basically Ooh and Aah over yours multiple times per week?

    That may have sounded creepier and more lascivious than intended. My apologies. All I’m getting at is, there’s not a damn thing wrong with your legs.

  5. You and your putting me on the spot to do things I want to do anyway. XD I did cut off the elastic on one pair of socks, but I haven’t made it to JoAnn’s to get replacement elastic yet. It’s just so far away(ok, it’s less far away then my regular Monday night dancing thing, but it’s still faaar).

    My big ish with knee highs is I seldom know how much leg to leave between the tops of the sock and the skirt so that it looks intentional.

    This outfit is way too cute, btws. I’m so super fond of the red/teal combination. I need to work it more myself.

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