Outfit Post: 10/15/12

It was apparently Colorful Monday. Pink tights, purple skirt, blue shirt and a green pin? Weee. Although the pin was more functional than decorative. This lovely purple crushed velvet-y skirt was made by my mom, but the elastic waistband is actually huuuge. I pinned up like three inches of waistband and it still didn’t really sit where I wanted it to.

One more thing for the fix it list I suppose! This was one of the first times in a while that I’ve worn a skirt, in part because I somehow forgot how to wear tights in Chicago. I just spend all my time trying to pick shoes, and being disappointed with the selection I have. I swear I will never have enough shoes to go with every outfit.


My fix it list is actually really long right now. Something about being out of town most weekends will do that to your to-do list, I suppose.


I think the top 3 items on my to do list right now are still: clean the frakking apartment, pick a couple of things to send off to Gracey, and get started on all 3 of my term projects. What are your top 3 procrastinated things right now?




5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/15/12

  1. Erin says:

    My ultimate to-do item is to switch my closet. I need to hang up my sweaters (on some nicer hangers, which would require me to buy them), and put up all my tanks and sleeveless dresses into the tubs that my sweaters were in. I hate having to dig through the bins, particularly because it means I keep wearing the same 3-4 sweaters over and over again, and ignoring all the others!

  2. Becky Shelley says:

    My to do is clean all closets! So much stuff that never gets used. Have my daughter send her me the skirt I made too huge so I can fix it, and any other mending she would like for me to do. and oh yeah clean all closets. been meaning to get to those for about 5 years or so….and maybe clean off my desk but we all know none of it will happen only because I’d much rather make new stuff and play on my computer, and go to work. anything but clean all closets!!! they can wait til I move or die then someone else can go thru them!

  3. That scarf ties everything together beautifully, Tia.

    3 things most procrastinated: clothing alternations of course, Dryel’ing clothing well yeah, and mailing blogger packages (I pack and re-pack and fiddle). Sometimes it’s hard to get to the post office during the work week.

  4. I LOVE this color combo, gorgeous! Procrastinating on – applying for financial aid to go back to school, doing the laundry, and starting a new knitting project.

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