Outfit Post: 10/16/12


Heyo! I think these pants were destined to end up with this sweater y’all. I wore this on Tuesday, and actually did hip hop in my skinny jeans because I could not be bothered to pack sweatpants on Tuesday. It worked SURPRISINGLY well. Dance in all the skinny jeans!


I mean, I definitely did not like, wear my sweater for hip hop. Prep school hip hop would be fun, but also way too warm. And I switched shoes, because my black chucks would’ve marked up the floors, which is no good. But still! Skinny jeans for hip hop. Who knew?


Anyway. I definitely need more practice. Sometimes I get behind or trip myself up because hip hop typically has waaay more shapes in any given 8 counts than lindy or blues. It’s been really fun working my body in new ways, and I hope in the long run it’ll help me be more precise in my primary dances too.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/16/12

  1. Becky Shelley says:

    So totally forgot about that sweater when I got you the jeans! They were destined to be together, Saw some Kelly Green Skinny jeans and a pair in bright robin egg blue, should they be put on a Birthday/Christmas list for someone?? let me know!

  2. Becky Shelley says:

    So glad you are expanding your dance skills! its always good to move our bodies in new and different ways. otherwise they get used to it, Challenge yourself! good for your brain too! Cause everyone knows going for your Doctorate doesn’t challenge it at all ;-P You are my Pride and Joy and you continue to amaze me and Shine in everything you take on! Hugs!

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