Things I Did Not Buy 10/26/12: Bones Edition

Oh man, y’all, can you even believe Halloween is next week? I am ~jazzed~. And, you know, to get in the spirit of things a lot of blogs and websites are doing Halloween-themed posts, and who am I to refuse the call? Thus, here are some possibly-spooky, possibly-bony accessories that I’ve been resisting the call of recently.

(Just click on the picture to be led to the original source. OooooOOooooooh, spooky use of technology! Or something.)

Skulls have been super-stylish recently, thanks in part to Alexander McQueen, and also the natural macabre proclivities of the fashion-forward. They’re not usually my speed, but there’s something about the expression of these little skull studs that I find undeniably charming. I hear ya, fellahs. I hear ya.

Possibly the classiest choice of the bunch, I was tipped off about this cool silver linked bone bracelet by a friend’s Tumblr. (No, I don’t have a Tumblr account yet. Yes, I still follow other people’s anyway. Leave me alone.) I dunno about you, but I’d wear this any time of year.

If you’re interested in something a little cuter, how about these little plastic sparrow-skull earrings? They even glow in the dark, you guys! They even glow in. The. Dark. Why are you still here?!

If you happened to be admiring my new Erica Weiner hummingbird skull necklace last week, but birds aren’t really up your alley, how about an Erica Weiner bat-jaw necklace? It’s a little eerie but not immediately recognizable, which gives the wearer an air of mystery.* I can vouch that my necklace is of gorgeous quality and would get another piece of jewelry from them in a heartbeat–yes, even a bat-jaw necklace. (Are you kidding? Especially a bat-jaw necklace.)

*Air of mystery not guaranteed in the states of Michigan, Florida, or Rhode Island. 

For something a little more obviously Halloweeny, leg bone OTK socks are fun and would also look smashing with a red dress and a wide black belt. Wear with tall boots for a little peek of patella, or with heels or flats for the full tibia-and-fibula experience. (Is that weird? That sounds weird. I think it’s pretty obvious why I’ve never been hired to write advertising copy.)

If you’re not done reading about creepy/crawly/otherwise eerie accessories, go check out this week’s extremely horrific edition of Estate Jewelry on The Hairpin! Not gonna lie: I want that scorpion necklace so bad it hurts.

Are y’all excited for Halloween too? Are you hosting/attending a party this weekend? Do you have children to take out trick-or-treating? Do you have any good Halloween stories from years past? I’ll share one of my own: when I was in probably 4th grade, I decided to dress up as Wishbone the dog–not only that, but I was determined to be Wishbone who was himself dressed up as a jester. So meta, so ahead of my time. Thank you, Mom, for humoring me.


3 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy 10/26/12: Bones Edition

  1. “*Air of mystery not guaranteed in the states of Michigan, Florida, or Rhode Island. ” Ahahaha ~ this one made me laugh!
    Those are some creepy accessories for sure. Although the promise of anything that glows in the dark does tempt me 🙂

  2. Oooh, lovin’ the bones bracelet and bat jaw pendant – and that lovely creepy cupid’s head ring from the estate jewelry post 😮

    I like to take the dogs out to see the tricker-treaters, so love the spooky festiveness about a mile up the road. We plan to watch Zombieland, too.

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