Outfit Post: 10/22/12

Dress: Gift — Camisole: Old Navy — Crochet tights: Sock Dreams — Boots: WomanWithin — Necklace: Gift — Earrings: Vendor on campus — Bracelet: ABC Store

Hello and happy Monday to everybody! I hope y’all on the East Coast (and anybody else who’s being affected by Hurricane Sandy) are able to keep safe, warm, and dry. That, or come to California, where all we have to worry about is the occasional earthquake!

Some years back I had an online friend who lived in Texas. She wanted to move to California to further her career, but was scared enough of earthquakes that it was holding her back. To that I say: hurricanes are way scarier than earthquakes!

And besides the occasional gigantic world-ending earthquake we get here once in a while, don’t hurricanes happen way more frequently and cause more damage? (Not to, you know, borrow trouble for those of you currently in the throes of one. I’m truly wishing the best for all of you! Anybody who’s lived through a natural disaster or weather catastrophe has all my respect.)

Maybe it’s just a matter of fear of the unknown. And I personally haven’t experienced a major earthquake in my lifetime–just a very few bookcase-swaying floor-shakers–so maybe if I’d lived through one I’d be singing a different tune.


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