Outfit Post: 10/24/12 (and Halloween Festivities)

Blazer: Target — Skirt: Goodwill (Yili Ren) — Camisole: Thrifted — Tights: Goodwill (Target) — Boots: WomanWithin — Ring: Nervous System — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Necklace: NoMoreRack

Happy Halloween, everybody! (Or Happy Regular Wednesday to anybody who doesn’t celebrate–Regular Wednesday candy for all!)

If you’re going by my outfit from a week ago, my costume was A Slightly-Trendier-Than-Usual Blogger, and I did in fact try to model this outfit after all those fall-ish all-neutral ensembles that seem to be constantly circulating around Pinterest.

All I really needed to complete the illusion was to be texting someone on my cell phone, or possibly wearing a fake Blogger Bun.

Here’s my actual (daytime) Halloween costume, for the record–our office is doing a group costume of Gnomes and Mushrooms, and I picked Gnome. (Don’t ask me, I wasn’t consulted regarding theme.) I’m planning on changing into a secondary costume when I get home, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see pictures of that, because I do not yet have the power of time travel. Yet.

We’re also doing a lunchtime potluck, and I decided to try out this nice seasonal-sounding radish and apple salad. It’s pretty, so I hope it tastes good! I’m a little trepidatious about how well the tarragon flavor will go over with the crowd, but I’m also well known for my performance anxiety in social cooking situations, so I’m trying to ignore it.

To further get into the Halloween spirit (ba-dum-chh) I decided to participate in Eleanor from The Magic Square Foundation‘s Halloween Pinterest Challenge, whereupon participants take one or more Halloweeny pins and try to recreate them and decide if the pin is a trick (a.k.a. dumb bullshit pin that nobody should ever attempt) or a treat (a.k.a. dumb bullshit pin that’s fun anyway!).

I first set my sights on this, one of several pins showcasing oranges carved like jack-o-lanterns. Since I neglected to buy a pumpkin this year, I figured it might be an entertaining change of pace.

The result? A tricky treat–it turns out that it’s really hard to scoop orange pulp out of a top hole without tearing the orange to shreds. I mean, with pumpkins the shell is pretty sturdy, but with citrus you have to have a somewhat gentle hand even with a thick-rinded navel orange. There’s still some goo stuck to the bottom that I wasn’t able to scrape up, but at least I got most of it, and I stuck him in the fridge afterward so that he’d last until tonight.

I am extremely pleased with his face. So much pathos and anguish.

My secondary pin was this papercraft skull from Skull A Day. I figured, you print out the PDF and follow the instructions, how hard can it be?

Man, if only I knew. I have way more respect now for people who make, like, little 3-D papercraft replicas of Stuttgart or whatever, because I had some difficulties with this little fucker. Maybe I’m overstating it a little, since I’m already coming to the table as a left-hander using right-handed scissors  and as someone who has difficulty with spatial conception, so maybe y’all would have an easier time. I think my true downfall was the supposed “articulated jaw,” which requires some internal mechanics which were nearly beyond my abilities, and as it is, the jaw just kind of hangs jauntily to the side, like the skull just got punched or told a cheesy joke. I should put a little stogie in there. I like her, though, she’s got moxie.

So, again, a tricky treat, and I very well may leave her on my work monitor for the rest of the year, if not indefinitely. She brightens up the place.

The Magic Square Foundation

4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/24/12 (and Halloween Festivities)

  1. I laughed out loud several times during this post and may, or may not have snorted once (okay, I totally did). I love your outfit, find your gnome outfit hilarious and your group costume idea snort-worthy (in a good way). Also, your orange pumpkin and skull both turned out quite well; I’m impressed!

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