Outfit Post: 10/31/12




Did I scare you? No? Ok. Well maybe owls aren’t really the scariest Halloween creature. But hey, at least I have a costume this year, and one that can easily be worn to school. I made it all by myself!  The hood is made from another t-shirt, and all of the embellishments are felt. I also made Braden a dino hoodie, but I don’t have a good picture of that yet.


My favorite part is just how weird the hood looks upside down. Basically I become that owl who has flipped its head!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If not this year, what was your favorite costume as a child?


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/31/12

  1. That is a cute owl costume Tia! I like the upside down owl too ~ thinking outside of the box on them turning their heads sideways…nice 🙂
    Definitely hoping for a picture of Braden in his dino-wear!
    My favorite Halloween costume was actually one of your Dads. The year he went as a slot machine was too much fun, although the year of the VW bug was pretty awesome as well. It was very cool having access to unlimited large pieces of cardboard when we were little.

  2. D says:

    I love your owl hoodie! That is a really good idea! I’m not dressed up as anything, though my boss called me a “zombie bumblebee” since I am wearing black and white stripes…

  3. You’re the cutest owl in all the land! I already did my halloween dressing up on Sunday for queer country dancing. I borrowed another blogger’s idea and wore all the leopard print items I owned and then painted on whiskers and a cat nose and such. Easy, kinda silly, and great for dancing in 🙂 My favorite halloween costume to look back upon was the year I decided to be a “hobo,” but then changed it to “southern gentleman” when my friend informed me that making fun of hobos was mean (we were in 6th grade). So I wore a man’s suit, a fake beard, and a hat and strutted around with a cane. Considering how girly I have always been, it’s interesting to think about my one drag performance!

  4. Becky Shelley says:

    well you have already seen my goth look for this year I have to admit in third or fourth grade was my favorite. Its been a while not sure which it was I borrowed my brothers shoes and clothes to wear under my costume which was a gorilla.put all my hair under a ski cap and didn’t speak a word til the end of the school day .( which was very difficult for me) Hung out with the guys at recess the whole 9 yards. No one figured out who I was. The teacher finally made me take off my hat and mask. I got first place for best costume. that was my first cross dressing Halloween. probably why I didn’t flinch when you borrowed you dad’s suit and went as a business man or when you went as the dred pirate Roberts. Cross dressing comes naturally to us!

  5. I love the owl hoodie! What a great idea. I’d like to try something similar in the future.

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, as I love costuming and cosplay. One of my favorite costumes of mine is from a few years ago; I was 1973 Elton John. Sadly, no photos of that exist anywhere, so one day I will have to recreate it. Later today or tomorrow, I’ll be adding this year’s costume to my blog.

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