Outfit Post: 11/7/12

Dress: eShakti — Cardigan: Goodwill (Talbot’s) — Oxfords: Payless — Socks: Target — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium — Earrings: Hand-me-down

I’m well enough to be back at work, y’all! Oh, sweet, sweet health, how I have longed for thee.

Well, really, I’m not at 100% yet–still a bit hack-y and phlegmy–so my second job in the coal mines will have to wait, but I can currently jockey a desk with the best of ’em.

Especially if I’m wearing comfy clothes like a soft dress and a cozy cardigan. Actually, wearing this outfit reminded me a bit of Andrea’s usual style–maybe it’s the combination of an eShakti dress and cute socks?

Oh man, before looking at these pictures I hadn’t realized that this cardigan had pilled so much! Guess it’s time to bust out the sweater shaver again. (Or maybe it’s time to stop taking detail shots.) What do you guys do about sweater pilling?

Oh, by the way, I finally got new glasses! Two pairs, actually; these are the first, and will probably be my everyday glasses. They’re a pretty similar shape to my last pair, but they’re black with a kicky blue on the inside of the frame. They didn’t arrive until after I’d already left for the weekend excursion (about three hours after, to be precise), so I had to drive with my old glasses taped up, which is a good look for me. Maybe I’ll preemptively tape these ones, just to be on the safe side.

Speaking of the weekend, I forgot to mention that on Saturday night we went to the Noche de Altares in Santa Ana! It was very beautiful and interesting–there were dozens of candlelit altars set up in honor of deceased loved ones, celebrities (Frida Kahlo was popular), and to social issues as well (such as bullying), and there were trinkets and food and music and plenty of people dressed up for the occasion.

The atmosphere was very festive, and while the crowds were a little overstimulating for a sick girl, I’m glad we went. Plus, I got a big bowl of menudo, and we all know that tripe does a body good.


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