Outfit Post: 11/9/12

Sweater and slacks: Goodwill — Camisole: Old Navy — Heels: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Socks: Target — Necklace: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift from Katie! — Bracelet: Found

BAM. How ’bout some eye-searing brights for your face on this sleepy Monday?

It’s a sleepy Monday for me, anyway. I spent Saturday running errands: dropping off clothes at Goodwill, picking up Asian-language children’s books at the friends of the library bookstore for the book drive at work, buying myself a new bike light and helmet for winter cycling…I’m getting tired all over again just thinking about it.

Then, on Sunday, I drove out to my uncle’s and aunt’s house in Pinole for a family dinner! My family is the best, you guys. Plus, the drive along Hwy 4 is lovely, if a little bit precarious-feeling at times. (Who decided the bridge was going to be one lane?)

This week is going to be dedicated to getting things in order for Mike’s and my trip to see Tia and Braden–we’re leaving on Saturday, which is ringing all kinds of OMG and WTF bells in my head. The house is a mess! I’m only half-packed and my suitcase is already full! Tia’s birthday present hasn’t arrived in the mail!

But what can you do? We’ll do what we can, and let the rest figure itself out. (With one stipulation: the dishes WILL all be done before we leave, dammit, if it’s the last thing I do…she said ominously.)


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