Serious Inspiration

I know I haven’t been around much; it’s been hard for me to get pictures as soon as the weather has gotten colder. I need to get my camera and my flash set up in the apartment. In the mean time, I want to share some images of someone who is inspiring the shit out of my fashion lately.

De’Borah Garner from Season 3 on the Voice. I mean, how is she so awesome? The almost head to toe red with just the touch of bright blue accents? It’s so bold and unique.


She rocks menswear with just a touch of femme. I love her lime watch here…along with trying to be more subtle about checking the time than looking at a phone, she’s the major reason I’ve been thinking about picking up a watch.


I mean how so cool? I’m getting all revved up for thrifting with Mia when she gets here on SATURDAY.


I…am also starting to think it’s time to get new frames. >_> I suppose I should probably get my eyes checked first and make sure that I have the right prescription first, but then I’m going to order like half a dozen pairs of frames.



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