Outfit Post: 11/13/12

Sweater and clogs: Goodwill — Skirt: One Mango Tree — Tights: We ❤ Colors — Belt and scarf: Thrifted — Earrings and bracelet: Gift

I probably would have never thought to combine neon pink, yellow, and maroon if it weren’t for this scarf I thrifted a while back. (Do you have separate thrift stores that tend to be good for particular items? My favorite Goodwill is nice for a lot of things–skirts, sweaters, good basics–but there’s another thrift store not too far from my house that is BALLER for accessories like scarves, belts, and jewelry; that’s where 90% of my scarves and belts have come from, actually. I ain’t payin’ no full price like a sucka!*)

*Disclaimer: If you pay full price for things, you are not, in fact, a sucka. I promise.

And yet it looks so natural when you look at the scarf in question! How’d you do that, scarf?

Just goes to show that my clothes know better than I do sometimes. Well, most of the time. I just lean in with my little ear and let them whisper to me their secrets.

Something like that, anyway. I haven’t yet learned the wisdom of the universe, but I have become bolder in my color pairings!

I have also finally taken my first noisy steps into the Clog Kingdom, and I think I like it. For the record, these are adorable, but they are a bitch to wear without socks. Something about slippery tights plus slick leather means that I ended up taking mincing little steps all day in an effort not to fling them across the room. Next time, socks for sure.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 11/13/12

  1. lol. I can totally picture how those clogs + tights would be hard to walk in and while I have sympathy for you, I am still totally amused by the image.

    Also, how do you like those We Love Colors tights? Are they good? I’ve never tried them, but am attracted by all of the colors!

    • Mia says:

      Someone should get some entertainment out of it, for sure!

      As for the tights, I like them pretty well–I’m not completely wowed and in love with them like some people are. My main problem was that I originally bought 3 pairs of the M/L nylon/lycra microfiber tights, and while I’m within the size limits for those (5’5″-5’11” and 135-168lb), they were too small–not completely-too-small-to-wear, but definitely-too-small-to-be-entirely-comfortable and the crotch kept creeping down on me. They do have helpful customer service, though, and let me trade those pairs in several months later (way past their usual return date, since I bought the tights in summer) for the cheaper, thinner nylon/lycra tights, which still aren’t perfect but which are stretchier and better.

      I might be happier if I tried a pair of the plus-sized nylon/lycra tights, but my main beef is that their stuff didn’t fit me as advertised! So, you know, grumblemumble and all that.

      • Erin says:

        I also found them to be smaller sized than they say. So I would definitely advise getting a size or two up. I got a pair and…was not wowed by the actually tights. Color yes, actual fit (once I got the right size) and feel, not so much.

  2. Those clogs are super cute, but I don’t wear that style for the reasons you mentioned above. I know people who swear by clogs, but I need a back to my shoes. Even my Danskos clogs are a closed-back, mary-jane style!

    I do enjoy the We Love Colors tights. I get the plus-sized Nylon/Lycra tights in size C/D, and think the fit is fine, even though I am short. The crotch doesn’t fall down, but I do sometimes get a little baggy in the backs of my knees. I can pull the waist of the tights up under my bra, but that’s also how I like to wear my tights! All over belly coverage, or else it’s thigh-high stockings and a garter belt for me.

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