Team Outfit Post: 11/20/12


When Mia saw this picture, she made some comment about how silly the pictures of us next to each other but not interacting are. To that I say…my boobs are nearly interacting with her elbow, as far as I can tell. So yeah!


Speaking of boobs: today I wandered with Mia to Nordstrom so she could be fitted for some bras. She came out absolutely flabbergastered – the sales associate had put her down a band size and up not one, but two cup sizes. This was both shocking and alarming, and lead to a five minute discussion about boob shapes and how unique they are to each person, and how cup sizes don’t really encompass that.


If it seems like every time we’re in the same space, we talk about boobs, it’s relatively true.


Anyway, onto a non-boob topic, the fact that Mia’s thigh-highs match her hair is sort of killing me here.


Also, I am a dope who loves scarves.


The weather has been a bit odd…it’s never quite warm enough to go coatless, but never so cold that all the extra sweaters I made Mia bring by accident are useful. Whoops.


However, that weird mix of chilly and not that chilly weather has made the new blazers all the more wonderful. This one was pretty much just the ticket today. It wasn’t quite warm enough if I was standing still, but we mostly kept moving so I stayed pretty warm altogether.


Also, this shirt has convinced me that Mia might be a spy or from the future. Superfluous zippers!


This was not the most…coherent post. But adventures in Tia and Mia under the same roof will continue! I’m not sure if we’ll be posting on Thanksgiving, but we’ll figure it out!

One thought on “Team Outfit Post: 11/20/12

  1. rubybastille says:

    Aw, it’s my favorite t-shirt! I’m pretty sure that’s the shirt that put this blog on my regular-reading list. 🙂

    Also, Mia’s zip-up turtleneck is badass.

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