Team Outfit Post: 11/21/12

Back in May, Mike and I gave Tia and Braden a wedding present–you know, as you do when you like someone and want them to be happy or whatever. Anyway, our gift to them was a gift card to Home Bistro, because we’re good friends! But the gift card came with the stipulation that they couldn’t go until we came to visit Chicago again in six months, because we’re also jerks. Jerks who like good food.

And lo, those six months came to pass, and Tia and I did dress up all fancy for our shmancy dinner! She nabbed her black, white, and green dress at the swap on Saturday, and I borrowed the purple faux-wrap dress from her closet, because I did not bring anything suitably dressy. (Unless you count giraffe knee-highs as dressy.)

We make a lovely prom couple, don’t we?

It makes Tia want to siiiiiing~

Did I mention that we both snagged bomb-ass shoes at the swap too? Tia’s rad (and generous) friend Abby brought some kicks that no longer fit her, and I happily scooped up these Naturalizers. They were her wedding shoes, too! I promise to love them and feed them and walk them every day.

And Tia brought home these babies, which actually make her as tall as me when I’m barefoot. How novel!

After getting finely kitted-out, we went and had our ets. And ohhhh myyyyy godddddd, the ets, they were good. The night was a prix fixe where we each got to choose three courses from the menu–I could list each and every delicious thing that we had, but suffice to say that there were sweetbreads, there were lamb meatballs, there was poached pear in champagne with mascarpone.

Say it with me now: [unintelligible drooling noises].

In the spirit of food-lovers everywhere, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! And Happy Regular Thursday, non-Americans!


5 thoughts on “Team Outfit Post: 11/21/12

  1. dizneesmurf says:

    Awww, it’s so cute seeing the two of you together. And dressed up so nicely too. Those clothes swaps really do work well for you don’t they?! I’m thinking it is sort of tough to swap shoes, but you both scored a cute pair 🙂
    Sorry I didn’t get to Chicago to meet you Mia ~ Thanksgiving really sneaked (I know that’s right, but snuck always seems so much better) up on me this year ~ next time for sure!

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