Team Outfit Post: 11/25/12

By the time this post sees the light of day, I will be back in California and back to work (and will be a very sleepy Mia, because our flight will have gotten into SFO at 11pm). Boo hiss!

At least I’ll be able to look back on our last full day with pleasant nostalgia–we did so much, and were dressed so cutely! (I believe Tia’s mom is responsible for most of this ensemble, which is delightfully bright and colorful. Tia also said it made her feel a little Ouran High School Host Club.)

First we went out to brunch, and then we split up as Mike and Braden went to take pictures for a client on the top of an amazing building on the water while Tia and I wandered around Navy Pier. I am officially in love with the Crystal Gardens, and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows is pretty rad too. Not a bad way to spend two hours for free!

After sunset, we went and picked the boys up and rattled our way over to the also-free Lincoln Park Zoo for ZooLights! It was kind of delightful to see all the bright lights and colors, although we were all somewhat consternated by this crab family:

Why so heteronormative, ZooLights? Also, since when do crabs grow facial hair or wear lipstick?

We also visited the giraffe exhibit, which is obviously why I wore my giraffe-print knee-high socks. I think they knew that, deep down, I was one of them.

Of course, once we were done wandering around and looking at animals, we completely negated the inexpensiveness of the rest of the day by stopping by Mindy’s Hot Chocolate and having ourselves some extremely rich and extravagant (and expensive) desserts and cocoa. For the record, their burnt honey ice cream is mindblowing and I want to try remaking it ASAP. Oh my word.

At least we made up for it by going home and eating homemade turkey, leek, and rice soup. Leftovers remix for the win! Also, being a grownup means sometimes you get to eat dessert first. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at sugar again for a week without feeling a little sick, but it was worth it. No regrets. Never give up, never surrender.


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