5 thoughts on “This Just In: Chicago Is Cold, Also Interesting

  1. Somewhat non sequitur, but I ate a fancy dinner right where Tia is standing next to Sue! Back in the day, the American Assoc. of Museums had their meeting in Chicago and I got invited to a fancy dinner: appetizers at the Shedd, dinner at the Field, and dessert at the Adler. And I may have switched place cards with someone so I could sit at a table next to Sue. Maybe…

    Also, I now want frosting. And it’s after midnight in Germany. And everything here closes at 7! Hence, frosting for Fruhstuck (that’s “breakfast,” auf Deutsch, or it would be if I could type umlauts)!

  2. dizneesmurf says:

    Did someone take a lick around the cupcake frosting on the top left?
    Umm, a parka made of intestines? No thank you, I won’t melt!
    Are you sure that is a giraffe? It looks a bit more like a camel with chicken pox…
    Great photos of the ice skaters. You and Tia both look like naturals. Why no photos of the men skating??

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