Outfit Post: 11/28/12

Cardigan, slacks, and tee: Goodwill — Heels: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Ring: Target — Necklace: Erica Weiner

Thaaaaat’s right! It’s that time again, when Mike and I start messing around with indoor lighting. (We decided to attempt an area other than the kitchen this year.) It’s also the time when Flat Tire starts shamelessly photobombing my pictures. Here are two things that I’ve learned about the Tire since we got back from Chicago:

1) She really, really likes kale, and will beg for it if I’m cooking some up.

2) At some point she chewed a hole in the fabric bottom of our boxspring and made herself a little nest in the space there.

The former is cute, but the latter was really startling to learn when I got up to pee this morning, and means that Mike and I will be flipping the boxspring when we get home from work today. Oh, cat, what will you destroy next?

On a side-note, I really love my birthday-present-to-me Erica Weiner hummingbird skull necklace, but it doesn’t photograph all that well, does it? I think I’ve only gotten one picture where it actually looks like what it is. Do you have any beloved but camera-shy or unphotogenic items in your wardrobe?


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