Things I Did Not Buy (For Tia): It’s Like a Band…For Your Head

So, like I said yesterday, it was Tia’s birthday over the weekend, which got me thinking about presents for her. And what’s the #1 accessory one thinks of when one thinks of Tia? No, no, not cravats. I’m talking about headbands! Of course, I already gave her a non-headband birthday present (it was a CD, because I’m still in middle school), but there’s always next year. Here are a few awesome headbands I’ve sussed out as potential gift-giving material:

[As usual, just click on the image to be led to the source!]


Honestly, I had a hard time picking just one of this vendor’s headbands, because they’re all flippin’ sweet.  I love their cartoony, graphic wares, and the octopus doesn’t hurt either. But these rainbow stars are particularly cheery, and rainbow goes with everything, right?


Here’s another vendor whose entire selection makes me drool. Leaves and foliage of all shapes and colors! They also have a stunning (and ginormous) peacock-feather headband, but my heart really belongs to this fern leaf. So, so pretty. (Yeah, yeah, these are supposed to be gift ideas for Tia, but whatever. Let this selfish girl have a moment.)


For something a little fancier, how about this green and gold number? I know Tia’s said she prefers metal headbands because the size can be adjusted (read: they’re bendy) but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s classy yet festive, right?


I know Tia tends to mostly wear the band-y kind of headband, but this wax-print stretch-style headband is awfully pretty. Plus, dragonflies!

mcqueen headband

Of course, if none of these offerings is dramatic enough for your tastes–and if you’re not concerned about the vegan-ness of your headgear–you could always try to hunt down this Alexander McQueen number. Just sit back and imagine sweeping into a holiday party with this on your head…voices hush, heads turn, there’s a muffled scream and the sound of breaking glass…now there’s a moment that nobody will soon forget.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the CD I got for Tia, look no further:

(She wears stuff on her head sometimes too!)


4 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy (For Tia): It’s Like a Band…For Your Head

    • Mia says:

      You’re not too shabby a CD-mixer yourself, lady–the one you made me is in regular rotation in the car, including the one my friends and I took down to Irvine at the beginning of November! (They all agreed it was rad.) If you ever want to do another swap, hit me up, I could make mix CDs for dayyyys.

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