Outfit Post: 12/5/12


Lace top: Goodwill — Vest: Thrifted (Ben Sherman) — Skirt: Blacklist Vintage — Tights: Santa Cruz Sockshop — Oxfords: Payless — Brooch: Gift from Tia! — Bangle: Solano Stroll — Earrings: Gift from Katie?


Hey there, y’all! How was your weekend? Mine was a series of ups and downs.


On the good side, I got some Christmas presents taken care of; made a delicious oxtail stew and some chai mix; and read a lot! On the bad side, I was thwarted in my Christmas intentions at three different stores and now have to scramble for new ideas for two people; the muffins I made are decidedly mediocre; and I split my fingernail in half vertically while doing some kitchen work (ow ow ow). Also, I totally didn’t make marshmallows like I meant to.


But what the hey, I’ll try to focus on the positive, right? The positive that doesn’t include the fact that repair guys have to come to our house today to actually REMOVE THE FURNACE FROM ITS PLACE IN THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR because it’s so broken they can’t fix it where it is. Our attempts at getting heat in the house this month (I was going to say “this winter,” but apparently it’s still technically fall?) have been a comedy of errors, I tell you what.


At least I can be grateful for cute brooches and pretty lace shirts. And the space heater we have in the bedroom.


Anyway, I got a little sidetracked there. How was your weekend? I really, truly wanna know.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 12/5/12

  1. My weekend was gloriously stress-free. I spent Saturday afternoon at a sweater-knitting workshop on how to adapt sweater patterns to fit your figure. It was something I already knew, in theory, but the workshop was absolutely amazing. More sweaters! Then Sunday afternoon meant cleaning my apartment and rearranging my home space. It’s now starting to get a little cozier around my apartment.

  2. D says:

    I love the color of your skirt, and your kiwi brooch is super cute! This weekend I played with tiny puppies and learned how to properly put icing on a cake, so I’d say it was pretty nice.

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